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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,414

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Question 🙋‍♀️ from Sens Rubio and Cruz

Did anybody find out if my Father killed Kennedy?
Could someone please measure my hands 🙌 and President Trumps hands? That issue was never settled during the previous campaign and it continues to hurt my social life with the ladies.

Wake me when Trump is actually INDICTED.

Yes our house managers have done a great job.
But it’s only made me angrier about our system.
I’m so tired of the mafioso word salad of his mgt style of never saying the actual words about hurting someone but only implying or suggesting it as Michael Cohen told us he always has done.

I want real legal charges of some sort brought against him either in New York or when we get a Federal Attorney General.
Otherwise, it’s all just the same old stuff from him and his pathetic cowardly defenders with Dems scoring some good talking points but not much else.

Thanks for the hearts.

I’m in no way worthy of that type of admiration.

Hillary Clinton needs a daily radio show/podcast.

Just think how great this would be.
I’d call it: “I tried to tell you”.
She could do it at home for just one hour a day.
Either just her free wheeling on politics or she could have guests and/or take listener phone calls.
I think she’d be great at it and would have a huge audience.

New tools needed to battle media lies and disinformation.

It has gotten to the point where we must rethink “freedom of the Press”.
What is free speech and what is not.
Obviously the FCC (regulating) broadcast and the FTC (regulating) cable hasn’t worked.

Here’s some ideas on needed changes.
All media regulation: broadcast, cable, digital, radio, wireless, internet, etc. should be regulated by one agency.
This agency should have the full powers to set the parameters of what can be put into the public with no attribution. What should be labeled opinions, editorials, etc.
The agency should have fining and banning authority over individuals and media outlets.

There should be a high bar for fines to be levied.
There should be an even higher bar for bannings.
Obviously, individuals and media entities will continue to be able to challenge such things in the courts. However, what will be NEW is that certain criteria would be put forth that these individuals must meet to avoid punishment.

Here’s some examples that are ok:
“I think so and so is a socialist and that’s bad”
“Liberal policies and giveaways are going to ruin America”

These would not be okay without attribution or some sort of proof:
“Congressman X and other Democrats are raping and eating babies in a pizza parlor”.
“Senator X stole an election. I don’t know how she stole it but I THINK she did”.

It’s the specifics that matter. You should not be able to lie about a specific person or situation without any proof.
That is not appropriate freedom of speech or freedom of the press.

Now, for those that say that current libel and slander laws are enough.
How’s that been working out since Rush Limbaugh ushered in the era of paid lies, propaganda and misinformation. There has been no punishment. Just more and more of it from more and more media outlets.

Ok...tell me I’m crazy.

I nominate this song as the Official Trump Exit Song.

***Warning. Bad word. Not safe for children or work.

I don't envy Biden and Garland over this next year.

As for bringing Trump and his cronies to justice for federal crimes.
The right and some mainstream media will be pulling to let things go and “unite the country”.
The left (me included) will be clamoring for justice and showing that nobody is above the law.
Will be interesting to see what happens.

I don’t think it should only be left up to James and Vance in New York to prosecute them all only on state crimes.

We do, indeed, live in amazingly interesting times.

I haven't seen one POC rioter at the Capitol.

Not one.
It’s all lilly white thugs.
Color me not surprised.
What has happened to those that share my skin color.
I’m so ashamed.

Dear Prez Biden, please reward Georgia. Sally Yates for AG.

She’s smart, young, and aggressive and will bring all criminals to justice.

Georgia on our minds today. Sending good thoughts.

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