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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 8,427

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Republican Party changes mascots.

No longer are they Elephants.
They are now Hippos 🦛.
Because they are the Hippo-Crats.

Wish that "loser/suckers" storyline had bigger legs.

The Woodward book took all of the oxygen out of the Atlantic story.
Understandable since Woodward had tapes and the Atlantic story didnít.
Still, I really wanted more media time devoted to Trump denigrating the military.
Wish some General would come out with some good Trump quotes and a Biden endorsement.

A chance to do some Biden visibility this Saturday morning.

ESPN College Football Gameday show returns this Saturday Sept 12 at 9am eastern.
This weeks location is the campus of Wake Forest in Winston Salem NCarolina.
REST ASSURED there will be Trumpers there waving their flags.
We need some representatives there too.
If you are in the area, please represent Biden on national tv.

Focus on Pandemic and Losergate non stop until November 3.

Yes, BLM and the protests against systemic racial inequality is important.
But, talking about that and especially showing any violence, burning buildings, etc. is counter productive and exactly what Trump wants.
He wants to talk about law and order and to exaggerate or lie about what he will claim is violence or aggression by the protesters.
I wish that all protests would end at nightfall.
Protest all day long but go home when it gets dark.
Thatís when the Trump agitators move in looking for a fight And to showĒchaosĒ to tv cameras.
That canít happen if our side isnít there at night.

The point has been made how systemic racism exists and how bad police are killing black men.
But, if Trump wins, that will get worse.
If Biden wins, positive racial changes will happen.

And, the best way for Biden to win is for the two subjects where he is weakest to be the main focus between now and Election Day.
And those two subjects are his horrible handling of the pandemic and how many lives it has cost and the gift he has given us with the derision of military service.
Our media mouthpieces and candidates need to talk pandemic and Losergate 24/7.

Any guesses on the 4 sources in the Atlantic story?

I think two are:

Our stretch run motto should be: LEAVE NO DOUBT

Leave no doubt about winning the Electoral College and the Popular vote.
We must GOTV in numbers never before seen.
Register as many people as possible.
Then follow up with them to make sure they vote.
Find out how and when they intend to vote.
Absentee in person or by mail or on Election Day in person.
Give them any needed advice on how to make sure their ballot was counted.

Letís leave no doubt on Election night that our ticket has won big both on pre election night ballots and actual election night ones.
If we do this in big enough numbers, the race will be called after the California polls close
at 11pm est.
And we will party 🎉 all night long!

Person, Biden, Kicked, Trumps, Arse.

Protests now may be counterproductive. Instead concentrate on GOTV.

The protests for BLM and against institutional racism are, of course, just.
However, the point has been made.
Now, the question is what is the motive.
Who are we protesting to or about that will help ?
Trumps only chance of winning is turning these protests into his law and order platform.
Using his goons to cause violence.

So, what if thereís no one there to fight.
What if the protests stopped completely or at nightfall when the violence always occurs.
Donít give Trump what he wants.
Dont give him the tv visuals of smoke, tear gas, buildings or cars on fire.

There will be no social justice if Trump wins again.
We must do everything to insure that Biden wins.
And Biden is begging everyone on our side to not take the bait.
Dont be props to his law and order bullshite campaign.

Instead of protesting for the next 9 weeks, register voters.
GOTV in Your neighborhoods.
Defeating Trump at the ballot box is YOUR BIGGEST WEAPON to achieve your goals.

So when do we go "all in" with only 60 days to go.

We all have work, school, family obligations that come first in our lives every day.
But, most of us do have a little recreational Disposable time each day.
Itís used by reading, watching tv, talking to friends, hobbies, surfing social media, etc.

My question is when, and how many of us will suspend or lessen the time we spend on these things to use that time toward helping Biden/Harris and other Democrats get elected.
Will you give up one hour of tv or computer time per day to help register voters, write post cards to swing states, etc.

I know some of us here do that and even more than one hour a day.
But, for those that donít, I would encourage you to do so.
You know how important this election is.
Itís now time for ALL HANDS ON DECK.
Many states will start early voting soon. Tick tock.

I grew up with and around these vile bigoted people.

I read so many posts here and elsewhere on social media by well meaning progressives that say we should just reach out and try to understand Trump supporters.
That is a lofty goal.
And that might sometimes work with logical, rational people.
But these people are not that.

Hereís who they are.
Hereís who I grew up with and around in the South. (Iím sure itís true elsewhere also).
They have been taught that being different is bad.
Being black, brown, gay, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, etc. is bad.
No, not just bad, evil.
They are raised in churches just as much as they are by parents.
And, in these churches, is always a strong, loud, man of authority that they will not question.
They live in fear of what is taught to be a fearful and vengeful God.
They fear this God more than anything else.
They fear Hell and missing out on Heaven more than anything else.
And, in these churches, they are taught not to question but only obey their religious teachings.
That teaching means a bleached son of a God that looks white like them.
But, the teachings of Jesus to care for the meek (who shall inherit the earth and walked with the poor and diseased) are suppressed and they cherry pick biblical passages (generally Old Testament) to promote the views that an all Powerful white male ďChristianĒ Authoritarian society is the only one worth having, living, and promoting.

So, how does that extend to politics?
Because they have successfully defined the Democratís as the ďotherĒ.
The bad, no, the evil people that must be avoided at all costs.
Thatís why so many stay in rural areas and/or avoid colleges where they will meet diversity.
Why? Because they might actually like some of these new people or, worse yet, their evil communistic views might rub off on them.

Of course, these people have been USED by corporate America.
The greedy have no use for these people that they consider to be uneducated rubes.
Except they do have ONE use for them.
Their votes.
Feed their love for authoritarianism by saying how greed is good. (The prosperity gospel philosophy).
Donít you want to be rich too?
Just follow the rules and, if you continue to vote Republican, you might get there someday.
Of course, theyíd have a much better chance to get rich by playing the lottery every day.

So, can we beat them?
Yes. There are still more of us than them.
But, we donít need to waste our time trying to move their minds full of mush that keeps getting fueled in their churches and by right wing hate radio and Fox News.
Instead, We must find and register and motivate more of our people to vote and get politically involved.
We have no more mulligans.
We canít lose another election.
This ONE is the whole ball game for Our democracy to survive.

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