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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,414

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Here's how you get southern Republicans to get vaccinated.

Rates for vaccination are the lowest in the southern states.
Older white male Republicans in the South love college football.
If those coaches would agree to make Public Service Announcements encouraging vaccines for all their fans to be able to come to their games, it would be a big success.

Scandal revealed/outrage/talk of investigation/nothing happens/New scandal

revealed/outrage/talk of investigation/nothing happens/another scandal revealedÖ.etc.etc,etc.

Doesnít it seem the last five years have been like this.
Please wake me when some high level Trump crime family member is in prison.

The Official What Would Change Manchin's Mind Thread 🧵.

Thereís an old saying that ďeverybody has their priceĒ.
So, what would it take for Manchin to change his mind and vote to end the filibuster?

Fill in the blank..

Schumer and the DNC and wealthy Democratic donors should offer him ____________________.

Manchin & Sinema hold the keys to keeping or losing our democracy.

Itís that dire.
The new voter suppression laws in many states (especially those that give power to state legislatures to oversee elections) are the entire ballgame.
The only way to stop those new state laws is with new federal laws that vacate them.
And the only way to get those new federal laws is to end the filibuster.
So, Manchin and Sinema change their positions on the filibuster or itís over and democracy will die and a full out autocracy will take over.

Anti Trump Repubs must become Democrats temporarily.

Itís not enough for those sane Republicans that donít buy into the Stop the Steal nonsense to say they are still Republicans or Independents trying to save or heal the current Republican Party.
We are in crisis mode with The two Macs in charge of the two Congressional bodies Repub caucus. They have bought into stop the steal and voter suppression moves.
Barring a last minute conversion by Manchin and a few other Dem Senators who are against ending the filibuster, the 2022 midterms could become the Shit$how to end all Shit$hows.
Sane Republicans have to vote with us in 2022 for the Dems to hold the House and pad the Senate majority a little for there to be any hopes at saving our democracy.
After that, they can rebuild or remake the GOP to their hearts content.

We Dems only need to follow Mayas instructions


The current Republicans have shown us.
They do not believe in Democracy.
They can not be negotiated with.
They must be driven out of office.

Why is Steve Schmidt no longer on MSNBC?

I used to really enjoy him especially on Nicolle Wallaceís show.

Political Journalist Robert Costa leaves TV gigs to write book.

I had wondered why he was never on Morning Joe anymore.
Always thought he leaned right but was basically a straight shooter.


What are the odds that Trump gave Rudy a pocket pardon?

I donít think he did.
I do think he has them ready, if needed, for himself and his family members.


Democratic Presidents are such people people

I was just thinking about how Joe Biden just loves people and feeds off of interaction with others.
It then made me think about how past Dem Presidents have been the same with Obama, Clinton, and Carter all being that way.
With GOP Presidents, you never get that same feeling of really liking to be around people except for fund raising.
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