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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 5,463

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Good Luck to all of our candidates

tonight and tomorrow night.
May they all perform well and represent our party strongly for the nation.

Will McGahn be subpoenaed also?

So SCOTUS didn't rule on census & gerrymandering today?

I just can't pile on Biden. Sorry.

All the grief heís gone thru in his life.
He didnít need to run for Prez.
His reputation is as a gaffe machine.
He messes up a lot.
We all knew that.
But we also knew where his heart is.
Or at least I thought we did.
But for those that want to rip him apart for whatever reason, Iím sure you feel justified because of his admittedly inartful framing at times.
As for me, my eye 👁 is on the prize of replacing Trump and I will not engage in Dem bashing.

Bill Maher makes the case for Oprah to change her mind.

Says she is the Dems only ďsurefireĒ winner vs Trump.

I have a global disease initiative idea. Is it crazy?

I would like to see our next President form a new Cabinet level position.
This person, or possibly two bipartisan co-chairs would be in charge of putting together a worldwide group of the best and brightest in medical technology and testing and experimentation.
Biden (and even Trump) have talked about their goal to cure cancer.
What if, instead of global scientists and pharmaceutical companies all just working separately on the same diseases, they worked in some form of a co-op. They would gather occasionally either in person or by Skype to share intellectual property?
A system of who gets the credit (e.g. the rights to any breakthrough drugs or treatment) would of course have to be worked out in advance. And yes, I know, thatís no small task.
But, many people like Bill Clinton and George W (whoís work on AIDS is about the only thing I admired about him) could lead up the American effort and find the right people in other countries that would participate.
I know that Clinton had tried something like this on his own on specific global problems.
But, I think that was all thru the private sector.
My idea would have the full backing of governmental units working in conjunction with private corporations and their people.

Is this possible or would greed and power struggles prevent it?

Why can't some media say Kamala. It's a , (punctuation)

If you are not interested enuf to learn how to properly pronounce a candidates name, you are not qualified to go on tv to critique them.

Itís , (you know a comma) lah
Itís Bet (like what you place in gambling) Oh.
Itís Boot Edge Edge

Come on, media folks, you can at least get a candidates name right before you rip into them.

Thanks for letting me vent a little about a pet peeve.

Morning Joe taking shots at "Woke Nation"

Is that who we are here?
Just what is the woke movement?
Is it the most progressive part of the party?
On Morning Joe, GOP strategist Mike Murphy and a few others are saying that Dems should be very careful not to decide to dump a moderate like Biden to nominate someone woke.
Murphy, by the way, hates Trump and said he would vote for Biden.

Is this supposed to make me feel better or worse about Biden.
I am personally much more liberal than Biden.
However, if I could be shown that Biden could definitely win (and win big enuf to have coattails to bring in a Dem Senate) then Iím fully aboard with him.
But, if I could be shown that someone more progressive could do the same thing, I would back them in the primary.

Did Harris just rule out a VP run with Biden

Iíve seen a lot of posts here saying that they think Biden/Harris would be a strong ticket.
However, Harris was very critical of Biden after the latest dustup over getting along with the segregationists.
Was what she said about Biden disqualifying for her to become his VP should she not win the prez nomination and Biden does?

Make the mistakes and do the cleanup now, not later.

For all 24 of our candidates I say, make your mistakes, missteps, gaffes, etc. now.
Clean them up and learn from them now.
Now before most of the voting public is paying attention.

We need a nominee that has learned and moved on and gotten over anything that the media will pounce on as soon as they can.
Then letís go get Trump full throttle.

We need to win big enuf to counter any Russian interference and GOP voter suppression.
We need to win back the Senate.

Itís too important to our democracy not to.
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