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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 7,833

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Are there any political reachables in your orbit?

I was having a discussion with a political strategist.
She said that this time around (with social distancing) that more than ever before that campaigns are relying on their supporters trying to reach unregistered, undecided, and apathetic voters.
She said that we should all think in terms of making a list of people we know that fit into that category.
We should then start to slowly get them interested in voting for Biden (or Just voting against Trump) by finding their trigger hot button issues.
She said these types of people only will vote if they see a direct reason that will impact their lives.
She said to ignore any Evangelicals that are anti abortion because they are unreachable.
Otherwise, have at it.

So, I am making out my list today and will start working on them.
Only 17 more weeks to go before the election.
My goal is to win over 2 new voters per week.
Imagine if everyone here did the same.
Happy voter hunting, my Dem friends.

A SERIOUS ? What is the real nature of the Trump/Putin relationship?

It has been danced around by many pundits.
Lots of speculation.
Who knows if we will ever know why Trump reveres him or fears him so much.
But it is the the most important question of Trumps presidency.
So many things have been guided by it.

I donít think itís a pee pee tape.
But I do think itís about humiliation.
I think that Russia/Putin have either given him money or very low interest loans when no American banks would (possibly coordinated through Deutsch bank).
This and his taxes and other financial records would show he was nowhere near as wealthy as he claimed.

Thatís my guess.
Whatís yours?

We must be proactive toward voting machines suppression.

I get so tired every Election Day That we hear that in some states that there arenít enough machines in certain precincts. Therefore, the voting lines are extremely long and voters must wait up to a very long time to vote.
States know by past turnouts what to expect in voter turnout.
But, Republican Secretaries of State seem to always be ďsurprisedĒ by big turnouts in democratic areas. Not enough machines. Machines that are broken, etc.etc.

We know they will do it again.
So, are we being proactive?
We should have Dem state party officials and attorneys on top of this now.
Insist on knowing how many machines have been allocated per precinct.
Insist on knowing when they will be brought to each polling place
Insist that they all have been tested BEFORE Election Day.
Invite media members to go along with your attorneys when asking these questions.
Ask the media to do stories showing all of the problems in past elections in certain precincts.

Iím tired of complaining about this type of voter suppression on Election Day, arenít you?
Letís try to stop those Republican efforts in advance.
I know that there are many other types of voting suppression things besides lack of machines.
But Having enough voting machines is one thing that we can try to make happen in advance.

SCOTUS ruling on Trumps taxes?

Anyone know When that ruling is expected?

MSNBC showing all of the BOGANS at Trump rally.


Tennessee football and BLM.


Only 20 more Tuesday's.

140 days from today, we will vote in a new Dem President and Dem controlled Senate and Dem controlled state legislatures all across the country.
So, keep the faith, keep registering new voters and look forward to a new American sanity.

Gorsuch/Roberts appreciation thread.

That headline is something I thought Iíd never write.
But what they did deserves some positive reinforcement and thanks from us progressives.
Gorsuch, especially, stunned the world.
What he did will help save countless numbers of jobs and careers for LGBTQ people.

I blast him and others when they support terrible things.
So, I feel itís only right to praise decisions like this one.
He didnít have to do this.
Conservatives, especially Evangelical ones, now hate him.

So, thank you Justice Gorsuch and CJ Roberts for doing the correct thing today.

Would love to hear from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Keith Olbermann.

I miss their voices.

Help is on the way, Only 5 months away!

We all feel a little hopeless, forlorn, and depressed right now.
But letís keep our eyes on the prize.
Itís now only five months until November 3 when Joe Biden will become our President-Elect.
Hopefully, WITH A Democratic Senate that wonít have someone like Moscow Mitch able to stop his agenda.

So, keep your chin up.
Register any unregistered voters that you can.
Think about volunteering or donating to local, state, or federal campaigns.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay hopeful.
This horrendous time in our nations history is about to end.
And WE are the ones that will end it. Take pride it that.
We (you and I, the non racist, non sexist, non bigoted majority) are the change.
I love you all.
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