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Matthew28's Journal
Matthew28's Journal
May 28, 2023

How would you feel about an agreement of supply for Speaker McCarthy?

Since McCarthy is willing to work with us and take grave risk of his job with pissing his right wing off with working with Biden and trying to come to a middle ground. I don't think we can afford to have someone worse replace him for doing what is best for our country with this agreement. What would you think about an agreement of supply in any speaker vote the right of his party force on him? Democrats would vote for him to remain in power. This would probably moderate him and force him out of the hands of the freedom caucus, which would result in a more moderate house that is far more stable. Why should we allow 20 extremist control the house?? When reasonable people on both sides have 10 times the number? Our goal as of this time is to defeat the freedumb caucus and letting them defeat McCarthy would make this country utterly ungovernable the next 1.5 years and we have budgets coming. We can't afford it.

This Supply agreement would be like the NDP of Canada backing the liberals and the greens supply of labor in Australia.

May 21, 2023

Let me be clear


Honestly, I hope he uses the 14th amendment and runs his campaign for reelection based on how evil the GOP is. The bastards need to be taken to the fucking woodshed.

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