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Kindly fast-forward to the 55-second mark to actually LISTEN to what she's saying. Or read it. (I've

Kindly fast-forward to the 55-second mark to actually LISTEN to what she's saying. Or read it. (I've made it as easy as possible.)


TRANSCRIPT of AMANDA SEALES (actress and comedian)

A "Karen" is a white woman whose oblivion of their privelege causes them to act in a way that is oppressive, and often-times... insane.

(video clip)

Some might the that a "Karen" is just a loud white woman asking for the manager. You know, disrupting your customer service experience. But I'm here to tell ya, Karen goes a lot deeper.

(video clip)

Karen is a white woman who is a descendant of those who came before her who could scream and get a black man killed, who could point and get a black woman murdered.

(video clips)

For me these videos are very triggering. I think that there's a certain level of like "oh-ha-ha-ha they're annoying" when you're just watching it. But when you're in that situation it is not an annoyance, it is a disruption of your being.

You know that as a person of color--specifically a black person--you are the one who's going to be in the situation of having to prove your innocence.

Here... watch this (Fast-Forward to the 1-min mark)

A catchall term is imprecise and annoying and lazy.

If this doesn't make sense, then nothing will. Listen to what she says.


Partial Transcript: Okay, I'm gonna need for people who are calling this a slur, and "racial slur" to stop! Okay? When you are a "Karen," that means you've opted-in -- and if it don't apply, let it fly!

But the fact is, if someone is labeling you "Karen," that means you've done something to warrant that label. You're not just sitting there minding your own business. And generally it means that you've stepped into something--into somebody else's business--that you have no business stepping into.

And you've made a spectacle of yourself based on some degree of privilege that you believe that you have. If that applies to you, KAREN, then that applies to you! If it doesn't apply to you, then just let it fly! Why people want to...when people are like "oh, it's the new n-word"... ARE YOU SERIOUS, KAREN?! That is a Karen! Okay?

Some of them are likely "as good as" dead... at least as far as their careers go (I hope).

I'll never forgive Sarandon for her treachery and lies. Just like Nina Turner, she knew better... she was disappointed and wanted revenge. She gave a lot of people "cover" for their choice to not support Hillary, or to vote for Stein, or to write in the name of someone who could never win. Another high-profile (supposedly) progressive individual even gave 'cover' to her twitter followers by proclaiming that it doesn't matter WHO you vote for, as long as you vote. When the fact of the matter is this: IT ACTUALLY DOES MATTER WHO YOU VOTE FOR!

And now, even today, we have other so-called progressives at Politico slinging shit at Biden and creating division among Democrats. And the negativity of Michael Moore is demoralizing, not inspiring. It looks like he's trying to cause and guarantee his self-fulfilling prophecy so that he can have the pleasure of proclaiming "told you so".

I approve. There are other risks that a virtual convention also minimizes too...

I approve. There are other risks that a virtual convention also minimizes too... and everything will be orderly and RESPECTFUL.

C'MON! GET IN! We're taking back America!

Joe/Kamala or Biden/Harris 2020!!
They're stronger together & can't be bought!!
Jump on the Biden Bandwagon & ride into the future!!

Heavy sigh.

Bernie calls himself a Socialist but he's at best a milquetoast Social Democrat.

And it's the caucusing that matters when it comes to determining majorities, etc.
So, someone's voting record doesn't matter at all? I do not believe that how one "caucuses" should be a free pass for being able to smear and denigrate the Democratic party with public proclamations that Democrats are "ideologically bankrupt" (that's not true); or that Democrats are "feeble" (that's not true); or that the Democratic party is "corrupt" (that's not true); or that the Democratic party is "an absolute failure" (that's not true); or that the Democratic party is "the party of the elite" (also not true); or that "there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans (another false statement); or that the Democrats are "do-nothings" (completely false); or that the Democratic party "doesn't care about climate change (blatantly false); or that the Democrats "focus too much on diversity" (how absurd!) or that Democrats who "are very big into diversity" aren't "particularly sympathetic" to the working class (heavy-sigh!).

Here's the thing... that type of anti-Democratic-party rhetoric serves NO good purpose. In fact, it hurts the party. The lies and smears and attacks only serve to create an atmosphere of negativity: Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

Here's a freshman Representative who truly impresses me!

You want to know WHY it is that I find her to be so impressive... it's HER WORK and the fact that SHE'S BUSY WORKING with and for HER CONSTITUENTS!

I really like that she doesn't feel any need to tag along behind other high-profile politicians and try and use someone else to boost her public image and persona. She's smart enough and confident enough to know that her work for her constituents will speak for itself without the need to showboat.

She's got her priorities right. She doesn't hate the Democratic party, and she takes seriously her responsibility and obligation to work for the benefit of those who elected her. I also like that she doesn't try to smear, attack and divide our party with smears and attacks on fellow Democrats and against the party.


We need more just like her. She sets a great example! THAT is the best "wake-up call" message.

Quoting you in full...

Quoting you in full, so that I can add this post to my "DU Journal" (which will let me easily find it in the future). I'll probably need to quote you again (sadly) in the future... but with your words, I'll be better prepared.

In a discussion with a relative who is a Republican, he said, "All Lives Matter, Not just black lives." It's a common theme that people use to argue against the "Black Lives Matter" slogan.

I told him, and I paraphrase, "Yes, all lives do matter, but the lives of black people and other minorities have historically not mattered as much as white people's lives. As white people, we take it for granted that we will not be choked to death by a police officer. Black people, in particular, cannot take that for granted, because many black lives have been taken in that way by the police. So, when they say 'Black Lives Matter,' try to think of it as 'Black Lives Matter, Too" or 'Black Lives Matter as Much as White Lives and Your Life Matter.' That's what it means, and that has not been the case in the past and even today. It should be. So, that's why that slogan is being used."

My relative thought about that for a minute, and then agreed with me. Maybe that explanation can help others explain those words.

The Best and Most Detailed Large-Scale Model Railroad layout in the World

I loved this! You really need to enlarge to "full-screen" mode in order to appreciate all the wonderfully marvelous attention to detail. It reminds me of my childhood, I lived near a railroad yard.

THE SUNDANCE CENTRAL RAILROAD - The Sundance was formed in January 2004 with the goal to create a more detailed and uniformly scened, large-scale traveling layout. This 1:20.3 scale modular model railroad consisting of forty modules for a layout size of 45 feet by 45 feet. The railroad consists of 400 feet of hand laid code 250 aluminum rails that are hand spiked with individual tie plates onto wood ties with a total of 16 turn-outs.

The modular was built by a group of seven model train enthusiasts. This diverse group is made up of people who have a passion of early narrow gauge steam locomotives to modern day standard gauge diesels.

The purpose for forming this modular group was to provide the public a realistic look at model railroading in a large-scale format. The modules are highly detailed from the scratch built supporting structures and buildings down to the surrounding scenery. The trains and rolling stock that will be running on these modules will also be highly detailed and weathered.

Address: 2645 Success Dr, Odessa, FL 33556
Web: www.finescalemodeling.org

Are her eyes getting narrower? (But just look at the size of those kidneys!)

God, I hate that woman! Nipped, tucked, stuffed, plumped, injected, trimmed, shaved, plucked, tightened, pulled, tweaked, lifted, scrubbed, polished, sucked, vacuumed, twisted, tied, plucked, puffed, dyed, and siliconed.

What a phony baloney she is.

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