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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2015, 10:59 AM
Number of posts: 2,450

About Me

Progressive in the Midwest, a transplant from both coasts, homesick for the eastern one. Traipsing the line between calling it like I see it and knowing when to keep my thoughts to myself. *note: I slip a lot.

Journal Archives

This is important - How Populists like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

From The Nation


Racism helped create the white middle class. Since the Reagan era, racism has helped destroy it.

There's more, much more.

Have you guys seen this? (Universal Income)

Switzerland will be the first country in the world to vote on having a national wage of £1,700 a month


How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

It's long but a must-read.

(I can't get an excerpt for some reason)


How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

It's long but a must-read.

(I can't get an excerpt for some reason)


Ode to Americans

My "together" post. #notmeus

Ode to Americans

Because you believe your prosperity depends on my poverty,
Your hope depends on my hopelessness.
Because you behave as if your wellness depends on my illness,
Your joy depends on my despair.
Because your life of privilege depends on my life of inequality,
Your sense of security depends on my lack of it.
Because you were taught that your life matters more,
My life is perceived to matter less.
Because your power depends on my powerlessness,
Empathy cannot find its way in.

But I know.
I remember a well-known “secret,”
That zero-sum is a mirage.
Because I am you,
You are me.
My life is tied up in yours.

If only you could bother to seek,
To seek through eyes of love rather than eyes that fear.
With curiosity instead of contempt,
With clarity instead of confusion.
With courage instead of indifference.

Your success need not depend on my failure.
Your pleasure need not depend on my pain.
A plus for one need not depend on loss for another,
Because a loss for one is a loss for all.

You say the fittest survive - alone,
But I know better.
I know the cooperative thrive - together.

Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution — while the 'pragmatists' insist on surrender

Sean R Shealy wrote a diary at Daily Kos and it is a thing of beauty:

Nearly all of the criticism of Bernie Sanders and his supporters takes the same basic track: 'Bernie Sanders and his band of magic unicorn liberals do not understand the basic political realities of America.' They then go on to explain that he would never get anything through the present congress.

Not to be completely condescending, but no shit, Sherlock. Bernie Sanders has only been pointing this out for years.

America is an oligarchy.

The strange and shocking fact is that Sanders critics seem to know that the American republic has been overthrown — and yet their reaction to this is placid acceptance.

Read the whole thing:

What this election is really about is democracy

From Alternet


Therefore, unless you already are an economic elite, you have no ("near zero" influence over government policy, which is the textbook definition of a plutocracy.

How do we influence such a system?

By banging away from the outside; by forming mass movements with mass demonstrations and insurgency campaigns like the one Sanders is running. He is absolutely correct to assert that we need a "political revolution" to modify and end rule by the "billionaire class."

In fact, there is no other way. All the careful policy crafting and intellectual arguments are no match for dominance of the super-rich over politics. The ties that bind Washington, Wall Street and corporate elites will not break, let alone bend, unless faced with a severe popular uprising. Occupy Wall Street did more to put runaway inequality on the political map than did either Clinton or Obama.


Hillary, however, is betting that she can win over voters by claiming she's the practical one, not the ineffectual dreamer—that she can get things done. But she, along with the median voter, has no chance of influencing policy unless we are mobilized to pressure the political system from the outside as well. She's been an insider for so long she would rather talk quietly with her many elite contacts than threaten them with a mass mobilization. And let's face it: she is one of them. Yes, more liberal, but still a part of those elite structures.

Is CNNgo the only way to watch online?

If so, I'm out. I'll watch Twitter or if a thread starts here.

Get Bernie on 60 Minutes

From Jesus worshipping atheist at Daily Kos


There’s an effort underway to get Bernie on 60 minutes. Take a minute to send this in. Select 60 Minutes from the drop down. Message: I would like to see Bernie Sanders on 60 minutes.


Meanwhile, the Bernie event in Decorah, IA today


Link: http://audienceservices.cbs.com/feedback/feedback.htm

To see the tweet, follow the first link.

An interesting way of looking at the Democratic Party this primary season

For those who feel that the Democratic Party is a club in which they may hold seniority, Bernie’s walking into what they see as “their house” and telling the truth about what he sees going on is quite rude.

For those who feel that the Democratic Party is an organization that should be open to all in sympathy with its stated goals, and especially to those who espouse its historic tenets of support for working people, Bernie’s arrival is a breath of fresh air. I can hear the dinner table conversation now:

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