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Member since: Fri Oct 16, 2015, 04:58 PM
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So now when your conservative friends complain about the "liberal media"...

Good luck explaining to them that the establishment Dem party isn't actually liberal.

In racing, "As good as won" does not exist.

Especially when it's clear the leader is not firing on all cylinders.

Even the more reason to announce that your competitors they might as well give up now.

Trump-bashing getting a little old?

Mostly managed to avoid it, but what I do catch sure seems a lot like second graders on the playground making fun of the fat kid.

Yes, everybody can see him or her for themselves. They didn't need your help to point it out the first time, let alone the dozen times more.

Or maybe it's like the exceedingly depraved people on reality tv shows?

Gee, Homer, them fools on tv is so stupid. Can you believe how dumb they is?

So as long as we hear a thousand times how horrible Trump is, then I guess who or what his opponent really is starts to no longer matters that much?

Call it what you will. I call it extortion.

You better fight for the (lousy) candidate that we chose (for all the wrong reasons). If you don't, and we lose, it will be all your fault.

Isn't "meet our demands or the results will be your fault" what the extortionist (kidnapper, terrorist) always says?

"Hillary = Obama's 3rd term"?

In which case, Bernie = FDR's 5th term?
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