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Member since: Fri Oct 16, 2015, 04:58 PM
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MoveOn Petition: Superdelegates: Don't Deny Democracy


I also suggest writing to your elected officials to let them know that if they choose not to support the will of their constituents, you won't be supporting them when their time comes.

(With thanks to my homie, artislife!)

How does Bernie get stuff done? Like a Superstar!

(Sorry if you've heard this one before.)

If you're at all into team sports (or even if you're not), then you're probably well aware that even a superstar can't magically transform a mediocre team into champions overnight.

What can they do?

They can transform the entire system. They can attract other hotshot players who are smart enough to recognize the winning opportunity, to your team. They can draw huge crowds and create interest and revenue streams that never existed before.

The spectators who never had a superstar, who only ever knew to watch their players out on the field, won't necessarily have the imagination to understand the hows and whys of what a superstar really brings.

They are a means. Not an end.

Like Bernie.

Well girls and boys, I think the genie may be officially out of the bottle

Not that it's time to sit back and start counting our chickens. But I think we'll only be seeing more and more like the below.

The snowball is rolling, soon to become an unstoppable avalanche.

(EDIT: Here are typical comments from a news site this morning, that prompted me to write the above.)


I had a micro-epiphany last night.

I can't stand Clinton, and have never trusted her. Too entitled. Too arrogant. Too . . .

However, I thought Sanders unelectable. Wild, non-implementable ideas, socialist tag, etc.

But I listened to his victory speech. Amongst the twice-too-long narrative, I was hearing all of the stuff I believe also. Make banking boring. Leave none behind. Sure, most ideas will crash and burn, but we can't let Reflublican resistance make it so that we don't even TRY. Bernie will try. Clinton will not.

Also, I thought about my fears about lack of foreign policy experience. I counted back presidents, and looked for it pre-term. I came up with H-W being VP and CIA director, Eisenhower in WWII (focussed on UK and France), and then nothing back to the founding fathers. So Bernie would be status quo. He'd bring in some people.

Starting to feel the Bern . . .


My dad watches FOX and thought Bernie was basically Hitler. He also saw the speech, and also thought Bern was speaking for him. It's amazing how easy it is to mis-characterize someone in this day in age.

Seems Bernie knows his way around a hoop


Who does the rest of the world want?

When Pres Obama was elected, following Mr "Humble Foreign Policy", I think it's safe to say the world was extremely relieved. And our standing in it was instantly escalated.

Now, whenever I read posts from people in other countries, they're almost universally for Bernie. To them, it seems to be pretty much a no-brainer. As in, what kind of idiots are we to struggle with something so obvious?

Will Hillary keep the "pragmatist" vote?

I remember not long ago that Camp W were touting the poll showing 70+% Dems believing that HRH has a best chance of winning.

Seems to me, it's pretty shaky ground to run a campaign on. Won't these voters, if that's really their primary reasoning, be the easiest to flip?

Certainly it's why they try so hard to frame Bernie supporters as outside of the mainstream.

I just wonder how many of her supporters will continue to endorse her, as we continue to blast holes in their "best chance" argument. Especially people like, say, Samuel L Jackson, who've made that argument very publicly. Will they stick to their guns, even after it starts to look really silly? Or will they swallow their pride and do the right thing?

(Not quite) Bernie covers Estimated Prophet

Kinda cute

Are we the New New Democrats?

Clearly the New Democrats are on their way out.

It could very likely happen this round, or may take a bit longer. Either way, I don't see much future for the likes of Pelosi & Co.

Doing the same thing, expecting different results.

Wasn't there a saying about that? Maybe someone can remind me. While you're at it, perhaps a lot of other people could use the reminder too. Such as Nanci Pelosi.

On the rare occasion I catch regular tv (say, in the waiting room of the oil change place), I'm still astonished how half the advertising seems to be for drugs. Are we really ok with that? Aren't drugs a regulated substance, like alcohol and tobacco? Those were outlawed from tv advertising decades ago. What makes these drugs any different?

And what if pharma wasn't allowed to make a 500x profit on them? The insane money pharma spends on tv and print advertising will start to make a lot less sense.

Yes, we spend a lot more on health care per person than other countries. But I wonder, how much more health care per person are we consuming? Making visits to the doctor as regular a thing as visits to the coffee shop isn't working.

Single payer? Of course it can make sense. But it's all an equation. Like algebra. Whatever you do to one side, has to be done to the other. Teach people that health care starts from their vegetable drawer, not from a bottle. Reduce health care profits, and the demand falls proportionally.

Then we have a system that works. (For the people, that is.)

Silly Season in full swing!

Studying the candidates' actual platforms? Why bother? All ones needs to do is look at the media (or even just GD-P) discussion on any given day.

-Premature, top-down endorsements matter far more than regulated, bottom-up ones.

-Bernie doesn't support PP because he called out their sham endorsement.

-Bernie doesn't deserve the black vote, because he won't make reparations part of his platform.

-Dems don't do middle-class tax increases, even when it's a net savings for the consumer.

-Following DNC rules only matters when it's convenient. Calvinball is fine, if the situation calls for it.

What excites me, as with Most Things Bernie, is that all of this shark jumping is likely not going to contain itself to the presidential race.

I think a lot of true stripes are being revealed, and we're in for a lot more than just a new occupant at the WH.

Interesting times.
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