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Member since: Fri Oct 16, 2015, 04:58 PM
Number of posts: 812

Journal Archives

Hillary needs our help!

...To understand who Bernie is.

How about, Bernie is that guy who's been kicking your ass big time lately, hence your idiotic reaction.

Berners, we simply must phonebank the hell out of NY

A cookie for everyone who does.

Friends, this is our chance to make NY her Waterloo.

We win there, and what we've known all along becomes irrefutable to the rest of the world

Other caucus states?

Based on what(ever) happened in NV, can it happen elsewhere?

Being somewhat new to caucusing, when I show up as a delegate on May 1 for my county convention, does it mean the same type of thing could happen?

Is it why WA is still only showing a fraction of all the delegates as being assigned?

It all depends on your definition of "is".

And your definition is clearly very different from, say, any given HRH supporter.

(See how easy?)

Just a reminder, our guy is the creampuff in this race

So let's just back off the tough-as-nails candidate for a while, shall we?

Bernie v Hillary Demographics


Reuters 3/25 poll, broken down by gender, race, orientation, income, and age.

To summarize, Bernie wins among women, non-black, non-straight, <$50K, <30yo.

Hillary and the Donald: perfect frenemies?

Just wondering to get people's takes on this. How different are they really (when not performing their primary season kabuki)?

Supporting Hillary isn't always Faustian

But when you're an elected party official whose constituents just voted overwhelmingly for her competitor, said competitor matches your stated ideals far more closely than hers do, and yet you remain sworn to support her under any circumstance?

I'm not coming up with a better word for it.

Hillary vs the Empty Chair Chauvinist

Anyone else think it's cute how all these articles keep popping up supporting and/or apologizing for Hillary doing what she's done, being how she's been, because it's just a dog-eat-dog, man's world out there? How can we fault her for it? What other choices did she have?

I'm so glad there are so many of us, able to reason our way out of a wet paper bag, who can see the irony: you really hate the game so much, yet you're asking us to choose someone who's a master at playing it to be put in charge of it?

What stronger argument for Bernie than to say that you CAN make it all the way to the top by staying true to yourself, denouncing the game and outright refusing to play it in the first place?

Bernie shirts at YUGEwear.com

My awesome wife came up with some shirt ideas to sell at rallies. I thought we might also offer them online, and helped to set up the store.

They are 3- and 4-color designs, hand screened in Portland. We looked at the digital direct-to-garment that the print-to-order places offer, and find that while the latest DTG is catching up, silk screening still provides the brightest colors and best quality.

We also are big on Made in USA, and wanted to offer union-made, but a few local printers we talked to raised some quality issues. We then wanted to go with American Apparel brand shirts, which are unquestionably excellent quality, but the turnaround time was a little too slow to meet our deadline. Also for doing events like rallies, most of the people there seem to just want something cheap, and don't care that our shirts already cost twice as much to make as some of the others there.

So for our first run at least, we've used Gildan shirts. They're good quality, but imported. And they allow us to offer the shirts at $20 (and free shipping for now), while giving $3 per sale to the campaign.

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