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Member since: Thu Oct 15, 2015, 04:36 AM
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What the actual hell is with this Bloomberg love?

The guy has a closet full of baggage including supporting countless Republicans, not least George W fucking Bush. Remember the shit people gave Joe Biden over his vote for the Iraq war? Yet apparently a guy who endorsed Bush in 2004 is now a liberal hero who we should send to the White House?!

More than any of this however, this is a guy who jumped in the race at the last possible second to splurge insane amounts of cash to try and buy an election. How many people were shouting for Bloomberg to enter the race before he spent $200m filling the airwaves with shiny TV adverts? How about fucking no-one outside the beltway?

People need to pull their heads out of their asses and stop this now. I'm a Bernie supporter, but you know what, if you support Biden then fair enough. If you support Warren or Yang or Buttigieg or Klobachar, then fair enough. But Mike Bloomberg? Are you fucking kidding me?

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