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Member since: Thu Oct 15, 2015, 05:36 AM
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How would you like the next year to go?

In the face of all these Bernie hate posts, I think itís fair to ask DUers what exactly theyíd like the next year and more to look like? Did people here have so much fun in 2015/16 that they just canít wait for round two?

Ok so some of you really donít like Bernie Sanders. So what? Lots of people here do. Is it absolutely essential that you share your dislike in 20 posts a day for the next year, ensuring that DU once again breaks up into buttery opposed factions, doing the GOPís job for them?

Bernie might not be your cup of tea, but heís a progressive and a billion times better than the racist asshat in the White House. So how about this time around we focus on the enemy and stop with the circular firing squad?
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