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Member since: Thu Oct 15, 2015, 04:36 AM
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Despite wishing that all guns could be removed from society..

I have to admit it worries me deeply that one of the causes that has finally led to house Dems having the courage to stand up and fight is an attempt to remove rights from 'suspected' terrorists. It's bad enough that people can be prevented from flying based on secret government agency determinations with little or no right of appeal, and I'd expect Dem reps to be opposing that, not working to add to the list.

Honestly with all the different gun control measures that are possible, and indeed all the other causes that were screaming out for direct action and protest, I'm kind of sickened that this is what triggered action. 20 dead primary school kids didn't do it, but a nutjob convert to Islam going on a killing spree suddenly causes #NoFlyNoBuy and mass party protest?

Don't get me wrong, anything that gets guns off the street is good, but this isn't going to do that, at best its just going to add a little extra power to the authoritarian powers that appeared post-9/11.
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