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Frankie Boyle on Donald Trump and the election.

One feature of this election is the way that the elite of the Republican party seem to have become completely estranged from their own electorate. Of course, they always worked against the interests of their voters, but they used to at least understand who they were and what they wanted. With almost infinite resources, the closest they’ve got to producing a popular candidate is Ted Cruz: a cross between a permanently disappointed sitcom vampire and the high school yearbook photo of every serial killer of the modern era.


Hillary Clinton hasn’t really had any idea how to deal with Sanders. To continue to calmly explain why someone ahead of you in general election polling is unelectable (and Clinton hates to see a leader being unelectable, unless they’re a dictator in some vassal state) suggests that some of her personal stiffness has seeped into what seems increasingly a detached and inflexible campaign. On the campaign trail, she’s a cynical power player projecting the weary joy of a shopping mall Santa while inside her burns the fury of Michael Corleone having to do a meet and greet at a farmers’ market in Idaho. She seems to shake hands with each member of the public as if musing on all the things she could do to them if only they were Libyan.




Much more at the link.

Can't be bothered to do your job? Support the senate!


Clinton supporters, doesn't it feel a little sleazy?

That in the runup to Wisconsin, instead of posting positive, uplifting threads about your candidate, instead the GDP front page is just a stream of attacks and smears against Bernie?

Don't get me wrong, we're just as guilty of attacking Secretary Clinton too at times, but you also see a huge number of threads about Bernie that are positive, full of hope and genuine passion for a candidate we believe in. Wouldn't you feel better about yourselves if you did a little more of that for Hillary and spent a little less time with the non-stop smear campaign?
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