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ViseGrip's Journal
ViseGrip's Journal
March 29, 2016

YAY! My Aunt in NY, a Hillary supporter is now a BERNER! Here's why...

The debates.

She said something not so nice to me when she thought Bernie didin't want to debate her in NH. I explained he's so far ahead, and she can shave a few points, it's the nature of it all, and get a few more delegates. She still thought he should have said yes. Then I went over the debate schedule, and she knew nothing about this!
I explained why Bernie said no. Then I explained he put conditions on, that she agreed to. A New York debate. Funny, of the three, that one just didn't get scheduled.

It's not just about looking weak, it's about her word and being a hypocrite. She can't stand those! Now my Aunt Kristine says she no longer trusts her, with very serious issues.


My point in posting this, is because there must be more like her since Finney came out and spoke on this.

March 25, 2016

So the Hillary group smears combat veteran Tulsi Gabbard?

To do this to ANY VETERAN who has served, especially in wars of mistake voted on by your candidate, is absolutely despicable!

You do not serve Hillary in any way, with bullshit like this.

You see, maybe Tulsi is trying to explain the difference in the culture of media and what is happening on the ground, and to our service members?

This is horrible, and it's strange what Hillary attracts. And as cowards do, they post the most offensive stuff, behind the protective wall of the "Hillary group". So, I'll just make a post all in itself, to apologize to every veteran that is smeared, when you smear a veteran in this way. Vets are not to be used as a political football EVER.

This must be said to every veteran, thank you for serving.

March 24, 2016

Bernie is helping to expose many things to have a revolution over

It's sad though, that all the young and excited that have gotten involved to support Bernie will also learn some very ugly truths about elections in the U.S. I hope they stay strong, and continue to fight for Bernie. No one else exists with his integrity to do the job in our lifetime. He is American's last shot for the country we know, and are taught to love, that has disappeared.

Bernie staying in the race is in the best interest of our country. Hang on, it's going to be a rough ride. A ride we the people usually don't get to experience, as our nominees and other elected are continually chosen for us.

Not this time.

March 24, 2016

New York Voters check your party registration at link here and spread the word!

Link to NYS Board of Elections website...

...for people to check their voter registration info to make sure it's all valid and party registration is correct:


This is a cross post from the New York state foruim, and it's so damn important, I wanted to put it up here!

Kick to the greatest for exposure so our friends in NY can spread this message.

March 23, 2016

The Clinton's and Trump's are good friends. Is this all a hoax?

The master of marketing, who can do TV. Trump can do this, we know. Is he running to protect Hillary so that she is really the only candidate to vote for?

Because the media and corporations are involved, in creating Trump the front runner it smacks of a real conspiracy.

Because of ALL of the media, print, TV, radio, and zero candidates on the republican side, this smells like one big game for them. Powers to be like Goldman Sachs said they'd be happy with Hillary or Jeb. Jeb doesn't want to be the prez, so it's Hillary. Trump is there to protect her. Say whatever you want, this is how I see this race.
The funny thing, is they may get what they didn't expect.

March 23, 2016

Bernie won the majority of delegates last night, but Hillary group says she won.

And they post in their own group as to medicate themselves.

March 23, 2016

The where & how Hillary wins, it's clear she needs to get out of the race

By the time we go to convention there will be no integrity left within her, to win a general contest. Current numbers already show that.
But the whiff of fraud that comes from electronic primaries, suppressing the vote, not updating voter rolls, closing polling places, announcing winners while people are waiting in line, you'd think Jimmy Carter would have been on the ground in AZ, along with MA, IL, and OH, instead of Bill.

When kids cheat, no one plays with them anymore. When it comes to adults and voting, they will stay home when their nominee does not inspire them, and cheats. And, if it's not Hillary and the C.I.A. cheating, and it's the republican party in AZ, or the Democrat Party in IA, she never says to count the votes or caucus totals! Does it matter if anyone does anything legally, now that we HAVE SEEN THE PICTURES???????? We know the truth. Our country keeps rigging elections. Bernie wins in caucuses where you show the groups....your eyes can see and no electronics used to tell you who is winning.

Now, I have read OP after OP here on why Bernie should get out. So I will assume I'm okay posting my opinion that I think Hillary is so very damaged, with more to come, that she should leave the race.

March 18, 2016


My brother in California was very upset today after listening to the propaganda.

He wants to have his chance to participate, to vote for you.

Thanks for standing up for everyone tonight Senator Sanders!

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