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ViseGrip's Journal
ViseGrip's Journal
January 1, 2016

NYT-OP - and why I no longer think Bill Clinton's Shenanigans are important today

Frank Bruni DEC. 30, 2015

In American politics, one narrative — one question — eclipses all others: Who will become the 45th president?

Some of the following subplots could greatly influence the outcome of the presidential contest, while others have big implications for the sway and the health of the Republican and Democratic parties.

They’re just a glimmer of what 2016 has in store.

Bill Clinton on the Loose. Until recent weeks, it was almost possible to forget him as presidential-race factor. Then Hillary Clinton, in the last Democratic debate, tagged him as a key economic adviser in any second Clinton administration. Her campaign confirmed that he’d be popping up more often on the campaign trail. And references to his Oval Office misdeeds and the Clintons’ marital psychodrama started to creep back into the news.

All of that was a fresh reminder that his proper role in, and impact on, his wife’s candidacy is unsettled and unclear. He remains both wildly charismatic and maddeningly undisciplined. He connotes both prosperous times and cynical scheming.

There’s no legitimate worry that his presence might eclipse and diminish hers, but the two of them together root her candidacy as much in the past as in the future. So how to deploy and integrate him? Is it controllable?

more at link:
No, I no longer think of these shenanigans. Now when I think of Bill, I think of his signing NAFTA, CAFTA, the end of the GLASS STEAGALL ACT (WALL STREET), COMMUINCATIONS ACT OF 1996 to consolidate OUR media! This is what I think of now when I think of Bill Clinton and how we are all now living in his world. I don't want him near the WH again, nor his Wall Street wife! I no longer find Bill charismatic. I no longer care about Monica and all of the other women, Hillary doesn't really seem to care about. This is not the mentality this country needs today. Hillary meeting in Tampa with her son in laws friend, for a contract on 'deep sea mineral mining rights', is just deplorable. I no longer fall for Bill's smile and charisma.
THIS IS WHY I SUPPORT BERNIE SANDERS. Sanders truthiness is what is charismatic today.

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