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Hillary Who?

I have NEVER heard that. I didn't hear it in 2007/08 and I haven't heard it yet in this election cycle. There are very few people in the US that don't know Hillary Clinton. She has a worldwide presence and is known by nearly everyone.

However, I've heard "Bernie who?" hundreds of times. I'll likely hear it thousands of times by the time the primaries come into full swing.

There is no plateau right now. The polls are essentially meaningless right now. Hillary has a set number of voters firmly in her camp and that's it. There are few if any undecideds for her to shift her way.

Bernie on the other hand has millions yet to get to know him. He has millions struggling day to day that need to hear his message and will embrace his platform as soon as they hear it.

We've just started this election. GOTV, get out the message, and stay positive.

An easy thing to do is to print and hand out flyers. Many can be found here:


Scroll to the bottom of the page for pdf downloads of flyers you can hand out. I find them to be a big hit at the drive thru window.

(Thanks and credit to Retrowire for the link)

Bernie 2016. We have voters to find and get motivated.

Hillary Clinton's Take on Banks Won't Hold Up (Taibbi)


A few observations:

First, it's definitive now that Hillary has no intention of reinstating Glass-Steagall. Cooper gave her a prime opportunity Tuesday night to announce otherwise, stories have filtered out of her campaign that she has no plans along those lines, and she's explicitly stated that she wants to find a "different way" to reduce risk.

The second and probably more important observation is about Hillary's rhetorical choices.

Hillary, like her close advisor Barney Frank, has been pushing an idea that banks aren't at the root of any financial instability problem. Last night, she pointed a finger instead at "shadow banking," non-bank actors like AIG, and a dead investment bank in Lehman Brothers. (Interesting she didn't mention a still-viable investment bank like Goldman, Sachs, which has hosted her expensive speaking engagements.)

more at link

Confrontation With Black Partygoers Leads to Gang Charges for White Group


DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. — In an unusual legal maneuver, the district attorney in this suburb of Atlanta said Monday that he had won indictments against 15 supporters of the Confederate battle flag, accusing them of violating the state’s anti-street-gang statute during a confrontation with black partygoers in July.

Prosecutors say that members of the group, which calls itself Respect the Flag, threatened a group of blacks attending an outdoor birthday party on July 25. A cellphone video of part of the episode shows several white men driving away from the party in a convoy of pickup trucks with the Confederate battle flag and other banners, including American flags, fluttering from the truck beds.

The partygoers contend that members of the flag group yelled racial slurs and displayed a crowbar, a knife and either a rifle or a shotgun, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group in Montgomery, Ala., that is representing some of the accusers.

The Douglas County district attorney, Brian Fortner, a white Republican elected to the office in 2014, announced the indictments in a news conference Monday morning. Each of the 15 was indicted on one count of making terroristic threats and a second count of unlawfully participating in “criminal gang activity.”

More at link, including a video.
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