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Merry Christmas with a song to our fellow DUers. Happy Holidays if you prefer.

Merry Christmas with a song to our fellow DUers. Happy Holidays if you prefer.

Whichever allows you to enjoy the season.

The Christmas Song,,, She makes that violin sing

..... you put the words in your mind.


Don Trump Jr starts a news organization?

Don Trump Jr starts a news organization?

Perhaps I am just jaded in my skeptic’s view here.
This ‘news’ article is purely a public relations release pretending to be news.
It is full of excessive praise, gish gallop, gobbledygook and obfuscation style language.
‘Credible news?’
What I sense is a scheme to part the money from the suckers; I mean viewers/true believers.
The big boys start it up, then cash out, and the following ‘investors’ take a bath when it goes to pot.
Looking for true believers in their scheme/opportunity.
Blockchains and digital coins? Why would viewers need digital coins?
I sense a digital currency scheme to allow the viewers to invest in some digital coin program. Funny thing, you will be investing your greenbacks to rejoice in their digital coin riches.
“In addition to extensive financing capabilities,…” --- RED FLAG!
“…you have more credible viewers. It's a whole new paradigm…”

Donald Trump Jr. Joins Collective Using Blockchain Technology to Make News Credible Again


News provided by Overline Media Partners


A geriatric-care manager

A geriatric-care manager

As the name implies, a geriatric-care manager, also known as an “aging life care manager,” helps older adults and their families navigate the elder-care maze. An aging parent, for instance, who needs assistance with medical care, housing, legal issues, finances, transportation and related needs could benefit from a geriatric-care manager.

Equally important, such individuals act as eyes and ears for adult children who might live at a distance from an older relative.

To that end, “I frequently performed cognitive tests that identified problems, even when family members and/or a primary-care doctor hadn’t yet seen it,” says Molly Moore, a registered nurse in Florida and former geriatric-care manager. “I also was involved in evaluating whether clients could drive safely and, if necessary, negotiating how and when to give up their car keys.

“Frequently family members disagree on how ‘bad’ a situation is,” Ms. Moore adds. “Having an objective professional, trained to evaluate and make recommendations, is vital.”

To learn more, start with the Aging Life Care Association (aginglifecare.org). Eldercare Locator (eldercare.acl.gov), part of the Administration on Aging, also can connect you to services for older adults and their families.

https://www.wsj.com/articles/forced-to-retire-it-might-not-be-as-bad-as-you-fear-11607007600 (subscription)

If Trump's self-pardon was legit, could he be required to testify about others who were not pardoned

If Trump's self-pardon was legit, could he be required to testify about others who were not pardoned?

After all, no danger of self incrimination.

Kiss me

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