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No wonder Trump wants to build in Russia.

Selling Real Estate in Russia? Are You Crazy?

Or crazy to buy it?

No wonder Trump wants to build in Russia.


Sellers need a certificate of sanity.

Trump will have no problem finding a doctor to diagnose him any way he wants.

Ms. Kotova, and tens of thousands of other Russians who are required to produce such a document to sell property, have no history of mental illness. The certificate, which must be signed and stamped by a doctor, is a legal defense against a pervasive problem in Moscow real estate deals: rampant fraud and weak courts.

This is the state of a real estate market plagued by “black realtors,” unscrupulous sales agents who use a variety of ploys to separate Muscovites from their money or property in the largest city in Europe. Russian media coined the phrase and described the agents as akin to criminals working a real estate black market, in a city where $29 billion in residential property is sold every year.

>>>>>>>>>>> much more

10 inch slat gaps in Donald's fence?

10 inch slat gaps?

The length of a Ford Explorer is 198.3"
The Explorer pictured below traverses 11 of the "steel slats."
With equal width slats and gaps, that means there is a nearly 10"
gap between each spiked slat of horror.
Plenty of room for half-starved refugees to fit through.

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