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EdwardBernays's Journal
EdwardBernays's Journal
December 24, 2015

CNN ORC: Clinton losing to Cruz, Rubio


"The poll, however, suggests Clinton faces a stiff challenge from each of three Republicans at the top of the field. She narrowly tops Donald Trump within the poll's margin of sampling error, 49% to 47%, in a hypothetical general election matchup. But she falls behind Ted Cruz by 2 points (Cruz 48% to Clinton 46%, a shift since last month when Cruz trailed Clinton 50% to 47%) and 3 points behind Marco Rubio (49% Rubio to 46% Clinton). Among independent voters, Clinton trails Rubio and Cruz by 12 points each, while running even with Trump."

December 19, 2015

A suggestion for Bernie supporters

Heres a real suggestion for Bernie supporters.

Pledge to stay at home on ekection day unless the DNC plays fair with Bernie.


If they REALLY care more about beating the GOP than backing a specific candidate then they'll back down and let the primary play out relatively fairly.

Because honestly if this is how the DNC is going to behave, I want NO part of their chosen candidates.

December 10, 2015

The Power of Nightmares

More relevant than it has been in years.

Remember when Americans used to take pride in this idea?

Now if a politician refuses to discuss international terrorism at every single event he or she is seen to be weak...

What's actually become weak is the public... we're petrified by generalised fear, terrorised by nightmarish visions of death sold by politicians and the media and worst of all, we assume this is what is the best for our nation...

You know who needs to carpet bomb Syria? A coward. You know who needs a gun to feel safe? A coward. You know who bases their vote on a candidates terrorism policies? A coward.

Toughen up America, or else you're gonna be fucked.

Base your vote on for what you want for your future, not what you're scared of. Don't let the cowards around you control you with fear.
December 8, 2015

Trump - what his supporters REALLY think

People love living in a echo chamber. DU is ours. It's not AS monolithic as many, but much more than others.

Part of the problem woth echo chambers is that you aren't exposed to new ideas. Another part is that you really don't know what people with contradictory opinions believe - except on a high level.

I try and counter my own echo chambering instincts by visiting places full of people I disagree with. It's refreshing and enlightening. And infuriating.

With all the talk of Trump's anti-Muslim immigration ideas it's probably good to see just exactly what his "base" thinks about his ideas. Maybe they too think he's gone to far.

If you want to know, click this link:


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