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Member since: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 01:41 PM
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Attn: Biden campaign - ad idea re: excuses for Trump not reading Russian bounty briefing

In that dark, menacing voice...

"Putin fanboy Donald Trump and his various enablers [splash photos of Fox hosts, WH spokespeople and congressional Republicans] offer excuse after excuse for why Trump took no action after US intelligence services informed the President [splash photo of a PDB] that Russia was offering Taliban militants bounties for successful kills of American soldiers in Afghanistan, an act of war against our nation by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. Not only did Trump take no action, he pushed to have his chum Putin rewarded with admission to the G7, [video of Trump and Putin shaking hands, Putin smiling] against the wishes of the other members, some of whom had the same intelligence about Russia's unspeakable and hostile conduct. Now, Ainsley Earhardt, talking head for Trump-mouthpiece Fox News, claims "All Presidents don't read all of their briefings." Let's check that claim with real, competent Presidential material. Did you, Mr. President, read all of your briefings? [cue George W. Bush looking into the camera and solemnly speaking] "Yes... I did." [cue Barak Obama] "Yes... I did." [cue Joe Biden] "Yes... I will. If you think it's time to punish Russia for sponsoring assassinations of US servicemen and women, then vote for me, a strong, proven leader who will put a stop to it." "

...or something to that effect.

It's 1968 again!

Looking at the parallels of unrest in the US in the late 60s vs. today...

With the Viet Nam War, there you had a bunch of rich, paranoid (communism, in this case, vs. brown people), white 'patriotic' politicians and citizens wanting other people's kids (predominantly poor and disproportionately black) to readily sign up to die to keep the America that they knew 'great' by defeating the communist menace on the other side of the globe. Not much value placed on the fodder they wanted to send to Viet Nam to help beat back the 'hordes' that scared them.

Now we have the wealthy 1-percenters, GOP grifters, business magnates and low-information Fox News propaganda consumers telling other people that they need to support 'Merika and get back to work in the salons, the meat-packing plants, the grocery stores and the gyms, where the lowly 'drones' should risk their lives to ensure that the privileged, patriotic real Americans mightn't be inconvenienced. And the extra COVID load that'll ultimately put on the health-care workers? That's their problem - they chose that profession. Here, too, little value is placed on other people's lives and livelihoods. The patriots want what they want, and if someone else needs to die for them to get it, well - that's the cost of 'freedom'.

(One notable difference between 50 years ago and today is that, the GOP has really subsumed and crystallized people of that mindset almost exclusively into their party.)

With abject disrespect for others as a foundation, combined with strong, socially-unsettling forces and events - like the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, the draft for Viet Nam service in the 60s, or today with mass unemployment, the specter of COVID-19, the GOP's increasingly-overt fascism & racism, live police snuff films, and emergence of all manner of 'Karen and Biff' assholery - these are the matches to the fuse of the younger people rising up and resisting, saying, "We're not interested in buying, with our futures and our lives, the shitty social status quo you're trying to preserve."

That's why these protests are, I think, more than only a reaction to George Floyd's murder, and could really result in positive change to to number of issues that have been getting progressively worse over the decades. I feel we're reaching a threshold - a critical mass - for effecting long-needed changes, and I think that the GOP's politicians, adherents and policies are going to be the ones to endure a greater degree of 'adjustment'.

Oh, yeah - please read this post, which is relevant and spurred me to finally write this observation:

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