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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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The Notebook

I'm sure many of you have read the book or watched the movie and either loved the love story or gawked at the ridiculous plot....Well that story is my wife and I's story. We have lived and are living Noah and Allie's story, all the bumps and high points included, believe it or not.

My wife came up to me today, and she's not yet 40 and she confided that she was so scared that she would succumb to Alzheimer's like her grandmother did...I just held her in my arms tonight and assured her I would always be there for her.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that I wanted to go to bed early, some channel is showing "The Notebook" tonight...so we're snuggled in bed, well she's half asleep, watching our movie...

Guess that's true love my friends

Where I am tonight...aka, Dylan in the house

Traveling Alone

One of my favorites from this album...to my bride...

The Shape of Water....

An incredibly captivating movie and I applaud its “Best Picture” award!!!!

A song for my gorgeous bride...

My favorite Ringo song...

Today marks the five yr anniversary of the death of one of my finest corpsman

When we were in Afghanistan, we were at a forward hospital with limited supplies and there was a young corpsman in the lab who spearheaded our efforts to develop an effective walking blood bank. During that deployment, this corpsman developed severe neurological issues and ultimately was transferred back to the states. His absence was never fully replaced. After several surgeries and rehab, my very active young corpsman was left paralyzed. He worked with PT and he tried his best to fight the demons of his disease, but he ultimately succumbed to that insurmountable stress..He was a loving father and devoted husband and I broke down today seeing his daughters at his grave siteat Arlington where we laid him five years today...he and his family are a casualty of these conflicts, even if he never took a bullet. So tonight, I throw one back to my amazing lab tech corpsman...man we butted heads a few times in country but you were so gifted...I hope I can share with your girls just how funny, and snarky, and smart you were!
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