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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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A song for my gorgeous bride...

My favorite Ringo song...

Today marks the five yr anniversary of the death of one of my finest corpsman

When we were in Afghanistan, we were at a forward hospital with limited supplies and there was a young corpsman in the lab who spearheaded our efforts to develop an effective walking blood bank. During that deployment, this corpsman developed severe neurological issues and ultimately was transferred back to the states. His absence was never fully replaced. After several surgeries and rehab, my very active young corpsman was left paralyzed. He worked with PT and he tried his best to fight the demons of his disease, but he ultimately succumbed to that insurmountable stress..He was a loving father and devoted husband and I broke down today seeing his daughters at his grave siteat Arlington where we laid him five years today...he and his family are a casualty of these conflicts, even if he never took a bullet. So tonight, I throw one back to my amazing lab tech corpsman...man we butted heads a few times in country but you were so gifted...I hope I can share with your girls just how funny, and snarky, and smart you were!

Black Panther...!!!

Go see it...this is a phenomenal comic book flick, but the undertones of strong women and a strong black cast is incredible! My 8 yr old said ďYou know what two words spell amazing??? Black Panther!!Ē I cant even begin to describe how proud I am as a father that my son watched this film and didn't once question race...

Go see it...itís worth it!

Black History Month FAIL!

So I had to speak at an event recently hosted by a service organization that meets at our city hall. In the lobby, they had a large Black History Month display and I was appalled to see ďALL LIVES MATTERĒ as the centerpiece of the display. Maybe Iím overreacting, but I was just dumbfounded by this. I, quite literally, stopped for several seconds to digest it and make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Again, if itís an overreaction on my part, Iíll readily admit that, but anyway hereís the pic:

For what itís worth, this is a town that is a close suburb of Nashville.

Thank you for all the love!

I love this community! (My star membership expired yesterday, and I couldnít wait to pass along the love!)

Now is not the time for dispair or dismay (For my punk rock friends)

So my Louisiana wife has gone full on Mardis Gras for my bday

My birthday is officially in about 14mins...I had just taken the dogs out one last time, checked on the kids, and was headed to bed when I see these headlights pull in our drive. I watch from a side window as this person steps out and starts planting letters and signs all across our front yard...so yeah, the whole neighborhood will wake up to a full front yard display prounouncing that Iím turning 40! LOL...she got me, but I canít wait until she turns forty in a few months!
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