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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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Did R.E.M. predict the future? (End of the world as we know it)

So, my wife sends me a news update this am about US plans to shoot down North Korean test missiles and says "Cue R.E.M.". I responded with the obvious text of the song from my iTunes library. Now I haven't listened to that song in a while but I heard a lyric that stood out to me...take a listen and see if you catch it: (hint it's at the end of the first verse)






"Team by team reporters baffled, trump"

Yeah the official lyrics are lowercase "trump" but it is an interesting coincidence...or maybe not!!

Coltrane....on the anniversary of the 16th Ave Baptist Church bombing

A song written to memorialize the bombing:

When your kid is a "Whovian"

So Im a huge fan of Dr Who, and, thanks to Amazon Prime, I've been able to expose my son to the newest generation of Dr Who. For the past two years, we've been slowly making our way through each season until we've finally caught up to the current season.

He's now 8 and my wife and I trade nights where we put him to bed. Recently, he and I have developed this routine where I put him in bed and I say "Sweet dreams bud..". And he responds "Of????" And I have to say, or he corrects me "Of Timelords, and TARDIS', of Companions and Sonic Screwdrivers, of Captain Jack, and the Ood. "

That nighttime blessing was a complete fluke, I totally made it up one night, but he loved it! Now, he's amended the phrase to say...

"But no dreams of Davros or Daleks or Cybermen"

Lmao....I've created a nerd monster!!!

Any DU'ers playing the launch of Destiny 2 tonight??

If you're on PS4 message me! Would love to play with a fellow DU guardian!

A heartbreaking epic betrayal....

When President Obama signed the executive order for DACA, he was derided from the right and accused of acting unconstitutionally. Yet, DACA was an act of faith, an important step in trying to provide protections and opportunities to children of immigrants who had no legal status, children who in most cases had no memory of their "home country". DACA provided these individuals the opportunity to work and pursue higher education in ways they could have only imagined previously. These "Dreamers" came out of the shadows and voluntarily provided their personal information and paid fines in order to take advantage of the new opportunities afforded to them, even though DACA did not provide a pathway towards citizenship. They exposed themselves because they wanted the chance to better themselves, to provide for their families, and to contribute to the only country they'd ever known as home. Is this not the very epitome of "pulling oneself up by the bootstraps" that the right claims to espouse? These beneficiaries of DACA are contributing to society, via work and taxes, and are receiving none of the benefits of citizenship!

Now, with the wave of a hand, this so called President, in an effort to keep a promise to his racist base, has wiped out DACA without any concern for how heartless and cruel this move will be. Sure there's a six month delay in enforcement, but does anyone truly believe Congress will step up and protect those affected? I hope they do, but I have my doubts. Our country has offered a hand up and a show of faith to the most vulnerable of our undocumented and now it will not only revoke that offer, it will use the information it gained on those individuals to force them from the country. Revoking DACA is a shameful, heartless move, and I truly hope the blow back against this move is forceful and effective in ultimately protecting all of these 800,000 individuals.
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