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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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A personal ACA success story (even if a minor one)

My mother, despite being raised in a Roosevelt democratic household, has gotten more conservative with age. I blame a lot of this on religion, but it's also a bit of culture as well, living in TN.

So since my father's death several years ago, she has been on her employer's healthcare plan. Well she retired at the end of last year and had to move to a different plan since she was not of age to receive Medicare. She had worked for the same company for about 45 years, quite literally since the week after she graduated high school. So I don't disparage her retirement, but I was a bit worried, since I'm an only child...lol...start up the jokes about only children and I'm sure I'm over protective of her since my dad's death, but I digress.

When she was looking for insurance plans, I convinced her to move to an ACA plan, mainly because it was so similar to her employer plan and would be an easy transition for pretty similar costs. So for the past few months she's been telling me with each well visit how it was costing her less and how pleased she was with her new plan. This last week, she had to have her presecriptions filled for the first time, ironically the same day of the repeal vote. She texted me to say "I never cease to be amazed, I've saved "x amount" on my prescriptions and my plan is with the same company I was with before I retired". I just said, quite gently, "I know momma...just think how much better it would be if our state had accepted the expansion". I thought that was win enough...

Fast forward to today and I get a text from her:

"I just want you to know I've been muting every last one of my Facebook friends who are bashing John McCain for his vote on the ACA repeal...they are so ignorant and have no idea how much it's helped people".

Now, I fully realize this is a tiny sliver of the ways that the ACA has impacted the lives of people across this nation. In fact, this wasn't life or death in her case as much as a cost of living issue. What I want you to appreciate is that even those who are conservatives can be changed. At least that's my take away.

Tangled up in Blue...

Love this version, with the original lyrics....speaks to my soul, and even to today with "Revolution in the air"

Hey Taco Bell!!!

Do me a solid....if your local stores aren't selling the double chalupa, then pull the damn ads!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

A sad anniversary...four years ago

So this morning I got a notification from Facebook that I had memories to look back on. I love this feature because it is a chance to look back at posts and be reminded of things forgotten and old pics from my kids that I haven't looked at in years. This morning's list was a sad reminder of four years ago, the day after George Zimmerman was freed for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

I'm an early riser and this was my post that morning from 2013, a Bob Dylan Quote:

"And you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears
Bury the rag deep in your face
For now is the time for your tears"

I knew immediately what the post was in reference to, and the sentiment persists to this day.

Sadly, who could have predicted that in four short years that we'd find ourselves where we are as a country today? I think our press and our country at large would do well to hear those words and think long and hard about what lead us here.

Despite all that...Rest easy Trayvon...I hope and pray that our world will eventually be a better place, in no small part to your sacrifice!

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