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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
Number of posts: 14,368

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Did Roger Goodell wipe his snot on a handicap child's back at the draft?

You be the judge:

When you're a Whovian and your wife isn't...

But your puppy, named Rose, resonds better to "Allons-y" than "Come"...it totally cracks me up!

My grabs from Record Store Day!!

So I've spent my afternoon and now evening listening and relistening to my Record Store Day purchases, shout out to mom for keeping the kids tonight!! Here's a little sample of my fav takes:

Damn I wish I had had the ability to see Bowie live, especially back then...wow

Then this gem:

My all time favorite Springsteen song, and my all time favorite version...he had the flu, and on the record you can actually hear him sounding sick from it, it's not as clear on the digital versions. That being said, we he sings "it's a town full of losers and I pulling out of here to win"....it's sung with such melancholy, such realism...it just speaks to me.

Anyway, wanted to share my RSD...hope you enjoy

Tomorrow is the 10th Annual Record Store Day!!!

Anyone excited for the releases? Am I the only one who sees this as like the "spring Christmas"??? This year there's really only three releases that I'm jonesing for: David Bowie "Cracked Actor", Elton John "17-11-70", and Springsteen "Live at Hammersmith Odeon"....my favorite Bruce live album that I don't have on vinyl.

Here's the full list of releases for this year:


Hope you guys will get out and support your local stores and maybe pick up some great vinyl!

That awkward moment when you realize...

Your neighboring town has a "John Galt Drive".....no shit, I'm seeing a patient tomorrow who lives on "John Galt Drive". Unfuckinbelievable....that's how far the Randian's have come!
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