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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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Fall smells...

It’s finally getting colder here. I just stepped outside to take the dogs out and the crispness in the air was a nice feeling. The extra gift was the smell of wood burning fireplaces coming from down the street. It’s one of those smells that takes me back to childhood...a smell that evokes so many memories. Just thought I’d share.

The best in modern country music....

A dedication to my lovely bride....(if you’ve never heard of Jason Isbell, go check him out. He and his wife Amanda Shires, who’s also his backup singer and fiddle player, are incredible. It also helps that Jason is a liberal and vocal about his beliefs!)

Anyone watching the CMAs tonight...lets pull for one of our own...Jason Isbell

Isbell has been around a while, most famously associated with Drive By Truckers. The guy is a phenomenal singer/songwriter. If you don’t know his music and like traditional or alt-Country or Americana...I can’t recommend him enough. He’s an outspoken liberal, and his album “Nashville Sound” is up for album of the year...despite being an “independent” album and not being pushed by a major label. Saw him recently at the Ryman in Nashville and it was unbelievable. Also, his wife Amanda Shires , who also sings backup and plays fiddle for him, is an incredible artist in her own right!

The night I saw him at the Ryman, they had invited the local ACLU to have a table in the lobby...freaking awesome!

Here’s taste from “Nashville Sound”

Horror fans...need some help

Last Sat night, I went to a midnight showing of “Rocky Horror” and prior to the movie they showed a short film that, for the life of me can’t find any info about online. It was essentially a horror spoof about a lunch date and it featured over the top bloody special effects, like the utensils in the cafe coming alive and killing people...including a lady that got a faceful of forks and one actor that was killed twice... and spoofs of other films like psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Alien. It was so ridiculous and hilariously low budget I was hoping to find it online but I’m not having any luck. I believe it was called “Lunch Horror” or something to that effect??! Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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