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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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Holiday Offensive???

Is anyone else offended by this transition between showings of "A Christmas Story" on tbs?? I was truly shocked by this:

Anyone else remember...

Back during the summer, Bernie's crowds were dismissed as being Ron Paul-esque. The rising support of Bernie was dismissed by prominent Dem strategists as being a blip on the radar, even some very prominent web site hosts claimed that Bernie would never break the 20% then the 30% national support! Remember when we were told that Bernie would be lucky to win any states beyond VT, and, if he did, only NH, because it's so close to Vermont! I sure do! I saw it as a lurker here and as an active member, at the time, of Daily Kos. No matter what happens in this primary, Sen Sanders has helped to shine a light on the corruption and cronyism that taints our political landscape. He has take on the voice of the people, and the people are beginning to respond. Today's glorious wins are amazing, and we should all take the time to enjoy the moment, but this is a movement. It is a movement that must continue beyond this election cycle. It is a movement of ideas, not personality. It is a movement that has been ignored by both Dem and Repub for far too long. This is the moment....let us on the left continue to fight for the movement!

To my heart giver...

I'm extremely grateful and humbled that you would share a heart with me, given my limited time on this forum. Cheers and lots of hugs...
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