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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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Modern Love...

The world could use a little more Bowie in their lives!!

"Karma Police"....

"I've given all I've got...it's not enough"

Tonight is pizza night for our fam...

Well, the fam is out of town and so tonight, I ordered delivery from a restaurant nearby and the driver delivered my order, I sign the receipt , we shake hands...and he goes back to his car...

Maybe this is racist of me and speaks to my own issues...but I walk back out on the drive before the guy leaves, I literally flag him down and say "As-salāmu ʿalaykum"...I thought this man was gong to collapse into tears in my driveway. That one moment opened up a long exchange of emotions and stories between the two of us...it was just a moment, one that I took to try to make my world a bit of a better place, and I hope it did!!

I hope this inspires others to do the same!

Do you still think that Mike??

If it takes a lifetime...

Happy Loving Day!!

Today in 1967 the "Loving" ruling was handed down. Cheers to all couples who love...and may love always conquer all!!

(As an aside, I love this pic....it's America, it's love, it's family....I could go on and on)

Effie???!!! You out there love??? I know you'd love to comment on this!

"If we were Vampires"...for my wife

I've posted this song before for its beauty...tonight I post it for my best friend, the love of my life, who is going through a struggle right now that I can't even imagine...pray, meditate, think of her, I just need any positive vibes that you guys have right now for her. She's getting help, but it would be amazing to know that those in cyberland were thinking of her!!

Love you...and here's to my love...listen to the lyrics and watch Jason and Amanda interact and you'll know how much love my wife and I share:

"Born in the USA" Jason Isbell cover...

It's much more stark than "The Boss"'s version but speaks to the lyrics:

Our house tonight....

The wife and I started the night with "Kind of Blue" on vinyl...since then we have listened to The Band "The Weight", Jason Isbell, Townes Van Zandt, "Le Vie en Rose" by Louis Armstrong, Sturgill Simpson, Ryan Adams, Thelonious Monk, and now "I'llbe seeing you" by Billie Holliday...dancing, crying, hugging...it's been a night to celebrate our love for sure!

Love nights with just the two of us!

My favorite DemoCat!!!

As seen in Chicago this weekend!
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