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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
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Jerry Jeff Walker has died


We've lost a ton of incredible musicians this year! RIP Mr Walker.

Hey Nashville, we did great welcoming Joe!!!!

An amazing group of people at Belmont tonight! We got to welcome the motorcade and so great to see Dr Biden greet us and thank us!!

Let's go win this debate!!!

Hey Nashville folks, are there any plans for Trump protests at Belmont??

Just curious because I hadn't seen or heard anything locally.

Musical karma as I pulled into my early voting place this am

This popped up on my playlist right as I got to the early voting center...perfectly capturing my, and so many others, "rage" in 2020. Had the biggest Cheshire Cat grin under my mask as I Voted for Joe and Kamala!!

"That's a President"

I know we're inundated with various videos but just saw this Biden Ad on YouTube and had to share. Damn this one is good!

Justin Townes Earle...another remembrance

For those who don't know, Cumberland Heights is a very large addiction recovery facility located in the Nashville area. They are an incredible organization and we support their work. I hope that Justin's tragic passing provides a measure of light on the struggles of those in active addiction and in recovery. My heart still hurts over this...

Justin Townes Earle has died


Just heartbreaking...Hope you find peace Justin

Gave up my favorite sports message board today

I'm a huge sports fan. College football, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA. I love the changing seasons and the sports they bring. During the pandemic, I have intentionally avoided going onto my favorite sports message board, mainly because boards like that are overpopulated with RW nutters.

This particular board was originally built for all things sports related to a university we support in the south, but the board offers message boards for the full spectrum of sports. I went there this morning before work and I was so appalled and disgusted by the vast majority of the posts that I deleted my account.

I'm used to the rw bent to many who follow sports, especially in the south, but these posts were so extreme I could no longer support the site with my membership. For example: people who are concerned about COVID-19 and college football are "spineless", "gaslighting America", "only promoting this to undermine Trump" over a virus that is "no worse than a sinus infection".

🤦🏻‍♂️...that wasn't just one post. It was post after post after post...for my own sanity I left. Makes me a bit sad because I do enjoy the sports banter but this is just too much. I refuse to tolerate this crap in an area of my life that I use to escape from the crap we're dealing with in this country.

There are over 6 million people in the state of TN

Only one sixth of that number voted in the primary this week, Republican and Democratic. We can and must do better. The turnout for the Democratic Primary was atrocious. We can change the course of this state if we get people out to vote. I truly believe that.



Trump's unabashed racism

Why is there not more exposure of Trump and his unabashed racism, which was on full force during the Wallace interview?

When asked about renaming military bases, Trump responds by going on an incoherent rant about these bases and the fact we won two world wars, but he followed up that rambling by saying he "didn't care what the military said" and "Who are we going to name them after Rev Al Sharpton"??

This type of racist vitriol from Trump isn't surprising. It's like he purposefully chooses to throw out the most outrageous shit just to feed red meat to his base. I love Rev Sharpton, I haven't always agreed with him but that's on me not him, but no one on the left is seriously suggesting renaming a base after him. The only explanation for Trump saying this is to incite his racist base.

There are a plethora of heroes we could choose from to rename these bases. Personally, I think Ft Hood should be renamed Ft Audie Murphy. You could rename Bragg for any number of true heroes, of all races, and it would better represent to spirit of that base than a confederate general who is widely regarded as a failure as a leader and strategist.

But no, Trump chooses to be a fucking racist prick by throwing out "Rev Sharpton", because he knows his base will eat that shit up. Screw him and wish he was being called out more for this crap.
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