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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
Number of posts: 14,552

Journal Archives

Thank you for all the love!

I love this community! (My star membership expired yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to pass along the love!)

Now is not the time for dispair or dismay (For my punk rock friends)

So my Louisiana wife has gone full on Mardis Gras for my bday

My birthday is officially in about 14mins...I had just taken the dogs out one last time, checked on the kids, and was headed to bed when I see these headlights pull in our drive. I watch from a side window as this person steps out and starts planting letters and signs all across our front yard...so yeah, the whole neighborhood will wake up to a full front yard display prounouncing that I’m turning 40! LOL...she got me, but I can’t wait until she turns forty in a few months!

One more for the country music fans

This is the soul of modern country music...not that shit you hear on the radio!!

And to those writing off country music (Colbert Waffle House)

Because of the dipsit deplorables...my only response is “Fuck That”! You were never a fan of real country music anyway! In that spirit, here’s a Colbert special featuring a true modern country music artist...Stugill Simpson

Country music aint dead....you just got to dig deeper than the mainstream

This dude won a Grammy but was ignored at the CMA’s....this Guy is singing real country music.

And for those that say “I’ll never listen to country music because of deplorables”! Well i’d just say you never like country anyway! So here, enjoy my friends! From your liberal redneck:

Anyone have Hartmann on??

This caller talking about “flat earterism” is about to make me bang my head on the desk!

Happy Birthday to a TN blues legend

Sleepy John Estes...born on this day in 1899.

Matzo ball soup...anyone care to share their best recipe???

I love it, my wife’s never had it, and we’re now in the south where it’s damn near impossible to find! If someone would share their best recipe, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Love and Mercy

Damn that’s a great flick...its an incredibly hard movie to watch but it is a beautiful film which highlights mental health problems and recognizing mental health issues!!

If you’re a fan of “The Beach Boys”....it’s a must watch
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