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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 03:46 PM
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Sanders warns the media about June 7 - the delusion goes all the way to the top

“Ahead of California, Sanders Warns Media Against Preemptive Coronation of Clinton”

Preemptive Coronation of Clinton
by Jon Queally, staff writer Common Dreams

Sunday, June 05, 2016

"I have reports that the media, after the New Jersey results come in, are going to declare that it is all over. That simply is not accurate."

"Addressing concerns that the media may preemptively announce his rival Hillary Clinton as the "presumptive Democratic Party nominee" even before she has won the requisite numbers of pledge delegates, Bernie Sanders over the weekend indicated that such reporting would be both wrong and irresponsible and held to his commitment to take his campaign all the way to the national convention when so-called superdelegates will finally—and for the first time, in fact—be able to cast their vote for who they believe will make the best nominee."

Hadn't noticed this excellent fantasy writer before - Tom Pappalardo on Daily Kos

Obama Has Won the First Delegate Battle But Will Lose the War to Bernie
By Tom Pappalardo

Starts with "It is very likely there is a compelling political reason for the FBI’s delay to issuing a richly deserved indictment for Hillary Clinton." ... "In the end Bernie will get the Dem nomination or run as a 3rd party candidate. Either way Bernie wins the presidency and America wins a shot to be free of rampant political corruption. Hillary will be indicted and that will kill her run for president. "

This may be the most well written fantasy I've read on Daily Kos. Like all fantasy stories, it just isn't true.


It's happening in Iowa and you're all invited!

This coming Tuesday, June 7, Hillary Clinton will become the presumptive nominee for President for the Democratic Party. The next evening, June 8, Kane Miller will be introduced as the new Iowa Director of the Clinton Campaign at the Cub Club, 5:00 p.m. Come hear Kane, ask questions and socialize with folks committed to retaining the White House.

A comment in Talk Left about the Sanders complaint regarding California - Enjoy

Judge Rejects Sanders Supporters' Voting Suit:

"There is absolutely no showing of a federal violation. That more information might be available in one county over another does not rise to the level of equal protection," [Judge] Alsup said. "Citizens of California are smart enough to know what their rights are. I'm giving my order now so you can get your writ to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and then the United States Supreme Court, then the International Court of the Hague. But you're done in federal court."

Salon today...looking mostly at the titles, they've turned their hysteria toward Trump

Didn't read these because of the anti-Hillary abuse Salon has perpetuated: About 10 anti-Trump pieces, a couple of Hillary posts that are not titled as hit pieces and one anti-Wasserman Schultz that was written by Ben Norton.

But did read this one: “The clan leader of white Americans”: Conservative David Frum perfectly explains how the disintegration of the GOP has created Trump by Heather Digby Parton

"The more valiant among them take the threat of Trump seriously and are willing to admit the truth, such as Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal who told Fareed Zakaria over the weekend:

I most certainly will not vote for Donald Trump. I will vote for the least left wing opponent to Donald Trump and I will want to make a vote that will make sure he is the biggest loser in presidential history since Alf Landon or going back further. It’s important that Donald Trump and what he represents, this “ethnic conservatism or populism” be so decisively rebuked that the Republican party and Republican voters will forever learn their lesson that they cannot nominate a man so manifestly unqualified to be president in any way shape or form."

"Sanders seeks to disqualify two great liberals from convention" by Kos

Good read and something many of us are feeling.


Joan Walsh on Joy Reid

They are talking about the bizarre aids activists controversy with Sanders. Walsh remarks that Sanders always responds to criticism, regardless of how warranted the criticism is, by going ballistic (Weaver) and self-righteous (Sanders).

Sanders clip on Chris Hayes - What is wrong with his voice?

It sounds like he has crud in his throat. What could possibly be wrong?

Rachel talking about Sanders' loss in the Washington Primary

Sanders won caucus big, 26345 attended.
Clinton won primary 54-47, 719043 voted.

Rachel says this was a big psychological boost for Hillary and bad for Sanders' appeal to the Super D's to vote how their state votes.

The problem isn't Bernie Sanders' supporters. It's Bernie Sanders himself

That's the title of a near perfect Kos OP on the Front Page of DailyKos. There are too many good points to add here, please read it for yourself.

Here's the link:

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