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The Inspector General Was Appointed by President Obama. Hillary refused to talk to investigators.

The inspector general has rejected allegations of bias, noting that the scope of the review encompasses secretaries of both parties and that it was undertaken at the direction of Clinton’s Democratic successor, John F. Kerry. The report includes interviews with Kerry and Powell and former secretaries Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice, but it says that Clinton declined to be interviewed. The inspector general, Steve Linick, was appointed by President Obama and has served since 2013.


So who do you think most superdelegates will support for the nomination? Biden, Warren or Sanders

I think Bernie Sanders is the most likely followed by Elizabeth Warren and than Joe Biden.

Clinton will have to withdraw her name from consideration soon after the last primary.

Real Clear Politics Electoral Vote Map: Clinton 201 Trump 164 Toss Ups 173 270 needed to win.

Battle for White House
RCP Electoral Map — Trump vs. Sanders

270 Electoral Votes Needed To Win

201 Clinton
164 Trump
173 Toss Ups

See the RCP state by state electoral projection map at the following link:


You can read the full Inspector Generals Report on Hillary Clinton at the following link:


VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Wants Larry David To Keep His Job On Saturday Night Live

New Jersey State Poll May 25: Sanders Doing Much Better Against Trump Hillary 48% Sanders 57%

Wednesday, May 25

New Jersey: Trump vs. Clinton Fairleigh Dickinson Clinton 48, Trump 37 Clinton +11

New Jersey: Trump vs. Sanders Fairleigh Dickinson Sanders 57, Trump 33 Sanders +24

Transgender Group ‘Perplexed’ At Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Fill Out Questionnaire. Sanders has.

Transgender Group ‘Perplexed’ At Why Clinton Won’t Fill Out Questionnaire
by Kevin Gosztola
May 25, 2016

A national group for trans people in the United States is waiting for Hillary Clinton to complete a survey on where she stands on issues. On the other hand, the group is not waiting for Bernie Sanders. He followed through on his commitment to fill out the questionnaire.

The Trans United Fund (TUF) expressed disappointment with Clinton. “We know personally what’s on the line for us and our nation, and we fervently believe it is crucial to seek a bold and unambiguous commitment to our community from all candidates that seek our support,” Monica Roberts of the TUF presidential endorsement committee declared.

According to The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson, Sanders affirmed support for trans rights when it comes to employment in addition to “transition-related health care, education, and housing.” He supported President Barack Obama’s executive order to require “all federal employees to have access to workplace facilities” regardless of their gender identity (and would issue an additional executive order to renew protection).

Sanders also answered questions related to HIV/AIDS. He pledged to “reform state HIV criminalization laws, which to varying degrees penalize the transfer of HIV.” He highlighted the role he played in ensuring the Affordable Health Care Act had $11 billion to “expand” a “network of federally qualified health centers to assist minority communities like transgender people.”

Sanders has a long history of supporting the LGBTQ community that goes all the way back to when he first ran for office in Vermont in the 1970s. He supported the abolition of discriminatory laws, which targeted sexual orientation. As mayor of Burlington, he backed the city’s first pride parade

TUF indicated in a press release, “[The] Sanders campaign replied with an enthusiastic commitment to complete this questionnaire. Trans United Fund received a call from a Clinton campaign representative a full two weeks after the campaign had committed to complete the survey, explaining that the survey was ‘too long’ and the campaign did not have the appropriate resources to complete it in a timely manner. The Sanders campaign completed the questionnaire completely and on time.”

For a “frontrunner” Democratic presidential candidate, who has cast herself as the inevitable nominee, it’s hard to comprehend how the campaign could not have found time to answer some questions important to trans people.

Read the full article at:

Hillary should withdraw as a candidate now. Elizabeth Warren could be the compromise candidate.

The Inspector Generals report is the straw that broke the camels back .... and surely more is to come.

Trump would destroy Clinton in the election and take down many Democratic candidates for the House and Senate.

Clinton should withdraw to clear the way for a compromise candidate to be nominated at the convention. A huge majority of delegates would vote for Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren for President and Bernie Sanders as her Vice-Presidential candidate would be a strong winning ticket and I think Bernie would be agreeable to that compromise.

This would be an incredibly strong ticket with huge favorable ratings that would crush Trump and retake Democratic control of the Senate and maybe the House in the general election.

POLITICO: Sanders consistently beats Donald Trump in the polls. It's getting harder to overlook.


Bernie's not-so-secret-weapon
Sanders consistently beats Donald Trump in the polls. It's getting harder to overlook.
By Steven Shepard

For months, Bernie Sanders and his supporters have pointed to polls that show him running comfortably ahead of Donald Trump in November. But now that Hillary Clinton’s lead over Trump has disappeared — and the two likely nominees are now running neck-and-neck in national polls — his argument is gaining new resonance.

The data remain unequivocal, however: The latest averages from HuffPost Pollster give Clinton a just less-than-2-point advantage over Trump, while Sanders — who is virtually certain to finish well behind Clinton in pledged delegates — leads Trump by 10 points. Trump has narrowed Clinton’s lead by 5 points since the end of April, while he’s only chipped 2 points off Sanders’ edge.

Moreover, there’s evidence that Clinton will face challenges uniting Democrats the way Trump has brought Republicans together since eliminating his opponents. Sanders’ backers appear increasingly hostile to Clinton, polls show — especially those voters who currently favor Sanders over Trump but say they would defect to the Republican if Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

The debate isn’t just academic. Part of Sanders’ last-ditch argument to the unpledged superdelegates he’d need to win over to have any hope of winning the Democratic nomination is that they should consider which candidate would run best against Trump before making their choice.

The ballot test isn’t the only survey data point pointing to Sanders’ strong position — and the shortcomings of both Trump and Clinton. According to HuffPost Pollster, Sanders’ average image rating stands at 50 percent favorable and 41 percent unfavorable. That’s far better than the historically poor ratings for Trump (39 percent favorable/57 percent unfavorable) and Clinton (41 percent favorable/55 percent unfavorable).

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/bernies-not-so-secret-weapon-223492#ixzz49dI2LgEq
Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

Hillary Clinton Can Not And Will Not Capture The Democratic Nomination Before The Convention.

That would be impossible.

She simply will not have enough pledged delegates to be nominated before the convention.

It will be a contested convention at which unpledged "free agent" super delegates will determine who the nominee will be.

It's doesn't matter what candidate they may have indicated a preference for a few days, weeks, months ago or last year. They are free to change their minds.

In 2008 over 200 super delegates did exactly that when they abandoned Hillary Clinton and cast their votes for Obama.

If she continues to drop in the polls, super delegates could once again abandon her, this time for Sanders.


DNC Communications Director: Superdelegates "are likely to change their minds" on who to vote for" !

Luis Miranda, Communications Director, Democratic National Committee

Luis Miranda also said CNN and other media should not include the super delegates in the vote totals before the convention because they have not voted and can change their minds before the convention.
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