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Trump following Hillary Clinton's lead chickens out of debate with Sanders!

WASHINGTON, May 27 (Reuters) - U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Friday he would not debate Democrat Bernie Sanders ahead of California's June 7 primary.

"Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged ... it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher," Trump said in a statement.


Trump would much rather face Hillary in a debate. imagine 2015

Hillary Clinton should withdraw from the race now for the good of the nation. Put the people first,

not her personal ambitions.

Washington Post: Why the new report on Hillary Clinton’s email is so damning

Washington Post
Why the new report on Hillary Clinton’s email is so damning
by Dana Milbank
May 27, 2016

The report on Hillary Clinton’s email by the State Department’s inspector general this week was devastating — not because of how she handled email but because of how she handled investigators.

.... what’s damning in the new report is her obsessive and counterproductive secrecy:

The Office of the Inspector General said it “interviewed Secretary Kerry and former Secretaries Albright, Powell, and Rice. Through her counsel, Secretary Clinton declined OIG’s request for an interview.”

“In addition to Secretary Clinton, eight former Department employees [most of them Clinton aides] declined OIG requests for interviews.”

“Two additional individuals did not respond to OIG interview requests.”

“OIG sent 26 questionnaires to Secretary Clinton’s staff and received 5 responses.”

The stonewalling creates a firm impression, well captured by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this week when he interviewed Clinton’s spokesman, Brian Fallon: “If she didn’t do anything wrong and she had nothing to hide, why didn’t she cooperate with the inspector general?”

There is no good answer to this. And that’s why the IG report was just another of Clinton’s self-inflicted wounds, stretching back a quarter century, caused by her tendency toward secrecy and debilitating caution.

The inspector general’s bottom line wasn’t good: “She did not comply with the department’s policies.” But the description of Clinton’s secrecy was worse. When one State staffer raised concern about Clinton’s private email, this person was told “that the secretary’s personal system had been reviewed and approved by department legal staff and that the matter was not to be discussed any further.” Investigators found no evidence of such a review.

Read the full article at:

NEW YORK TIMES by the EDITORIAL BOARD: "Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email"

New York Times
Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email
MAY 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency just got harder with the release of the State Department inspector general’s finding that “significant security risks” were posed by her decision to use a private email server for personal and official business while she was secretary of state. Contrary to Mrs. Clinton’s claims that the department had “allowed” the arrangement, the inspector general also found that she had not sought or received approval to use the server.

So far, no security breaches have been reported; a separate F.B.I. investigation is looking into that. But above and beyond security questions, the inspector general’s report is certain to fuel doubts about Mrs. Clinton’s trustworthiness, lately measured as a significant problem for her in public polls.

This defensive posture seems at play in the email controversy, as well as her refusal, for that matter, to release the lucrative speeches she made to Wall Street audiences. The reflex she is revealing again now — to hunker down when challenged — is likely to make her seem less personable to many voters, and it will surely inflame critics’ charges of an underlying arrogance.

Donald Trump, her Republican rival, will be merciless in swinging the inspector general’s report like a cudgel. Accordingly, Mrs. Clinton now faces a measurably greater challenge in proving that she is the well-qualified politician her supporters know her to be, based on her varied career as a senator, secretary of state and first lady deeply involved in public life. This is a challenge to be faced not with a contrived campaign makeover, but with a far greater investment of candor before the public.

When Republicans first questioned the propriety of using her own home-based server over a year ago, Mrs. Clinton sought to finesse the matter as partisan flak. Under pressure, she eventually apologized for a “mistake,” while insisting she had done nothing wrong and would cooperate fully with investigators. But she did not honor that promise, according to the report, which noted that she declined to be interviewed by the inspector general, Steve Linick, or his staff.

When State Department staff members questioned her use of a nongovernmental email address in 2010, the report said, they were instructed by superiors “never to speak of the secretary’s personal email system again.”

.... the nation should not be judging leadership as a measure of who is less untrustworthy. Mrs. Clinton has to answer questions about the report thoroughly and candidly. That is her best path back to the larger task of campaigning for the presidency.

Read the complete editorial at:

NEW POLL MAY 26: National: Clinton 40% Trump 39% North Carolina: Trump 42% Clinton 38%


Thursday, May 26

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Rasmussen Reports Clinton 40, Trump 39 Clinton +1

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton Civitas (R) Trump 42, Clinton 38 Trump +4

New York Times: California Looking Less Like a Sure Thing for Hillary Clinton

The New York Times
California Looking Less Like a Sure Thing for Hillary Clinton
May 27, 2016

On Wednesday, after days of looking, Karen Furia, 65, finally found what she was searching for: a “Hillary” bumper sticker, at a Clinton campaign rally in Salinas, Calif.

“I keep hearing Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, or seeing Bernie fliers,’’ said Ms. Furia, a retiree. “I am sort of tired of hearing him.’’

She was referring, of course, to Senator Bernie Sanders, Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic opponent, who is pouring energy and resources into California’s June 7 primary.

His efforts appear to be paying off.
For months, the Clinton campaign exuded confidence about California, a diverse state in which 30 percent of the Democratic electorate is Latino, with a primary rather than a caucus, a format that tends to favor Mrs. Clinton. She defeated Barack Obama there by 8.3 percentage points in 2008 and had hoped the state could serve as the victorious bookend of a turbulent primary race.

But now, Mrs. Clinton’s lead in California has evaporated, going from seven percentage points over Mr. Sanders in March to two percentage points, within the margin of error, in a poll released Wednesday night by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California.

.... losing the most populous state, the birthplace of political movements and trends that often shape the rest of the country, would deal Mrs. Clinton a tremendous blow and send her hobbling to the Democratic National Convention in July.

Another factor helping Mr. Sanders is that nonwhite voters here tend to be younger than elsewhere in the country, and more receptive to Mr. Sanders. While Mrs. Clinton had strong support among minority voters in previous primary states, the Public Policy poll showed the two candidates splitting the nonwhite vote.

Read the full article at:

CNBC: Wall Street gives Hillary Clinton $27 million bucks, but love affair may not last.

Wall Street gives Hillary Clinton $27M, but love affair may not last
Jeff Cox
May 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been Wall Street's presidential darling so far by a large margin, but could be about to face some competition.

In her quest to be the nation's 45th president, the Democratic front-runner has taken in a stunning haul from the finance industry — just shy of $27 million and counting, according to the latest filings as analyzed by OpenSecrets.org. The New York metro area specifically has contributed $40.9 million of the total $204.3 million she has raised.

One of the reasons Clinton has been able to stockpile so much Wall Street cash is that she has no competition in that regard. Her lone remaining challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has forsworn Wall Street cash and has taken no money from the finance industry. Sanders has launched withering criticism at Clinton, calling her a pawn of Wall Street power brokers for accepting lucrative speaking fees as well as campaign donations.

On the Republican side, presumptive nominee Donald Trump has raised a meager $283,040 of his $57.7 million total from finance.

"There's a feeling on Wall Street that she understands issues and knows a lot of the players," Valliere said. "An awful lot of people on Wall Street would tolerate her."

Full article at:

Feel The Bern (Bernie Sanders Punk Song)

Bernie Sanders 2016 unofficial campaign song. Worth watching.

The Bernie Sanders Movie Documentary "Bern" - (Sneak Peek)

The Bernie Sanders Documentary "Bern" - (Sneak Peek)
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