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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Merica!
Member since: Wed Sep 16, 2015, 02:36 PM
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Hillary Clinton Is Exposing the Dark Underbelly of the Democrats’ Money Machine

Hillary Clinton Is Exposing the Dark Underbelly of the Democrats’ Money Machine

Her campaign has put a spotlight on the cozy relationships between Democratic operatives and corporate America.

By Joshua Holland
March 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is staffed with veteran Democratic advisers, fundraisers, pollsters, and consultants. Some of them worked on Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns. Others cut their teeth working for John Kerry in 2004, or on Bill Clinton’s campaigns in the 1990s. They’re career Democrats.

A handful of Clinton’s key personnel also work for Washington firms that have lobbied or consulted for various corporate interests. Some are principals in those firms. And in some cases, those companies worked on behalf of their corporate clients to defeat or water down progressive legislation that Clinton touts as major Democratic accomplishments.

These kinds of ties between high-level Democratic operatives and multinational corporations and trade groups that seek to influence legislation are nothing new, but until recently they didn’t receive the level of scrutiny that they’re getting today. That’s partly because the 2016 campaign is being fought at a time when Thomas Piketty’s wonky tome on inequality hit the best-seller lists, the pope is condemning unbridled capitalism as “the dung of the devil,” and an unabashed democratic socialist is giving the presumptive nominee a serious run in the Democratic primaries. With the “Warren wing” of the Democratic Party on the rise, the party’s business as usual is no longer being taken for granted as it once was.

In February, the Democratic National Committee rolled back an internal policy, pushed by Barack Obama in 2008, that barred it from taking contributions from federal lobbyists. Campaign finance reformers were rightly outraged. In addition to the questionable “optics,” it gave big corporations yet more ability to influence the party. At the same time, this was exactly the kind of inside-baseball, process-based story that tends to fall on deaf ears.

....... http://www.thenation.com/article/hillary-clinton-is-exposing-the-dark-underbelly-of-the-democrats-money-machine/

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Pre-election Michigan Polls indicate overwhelming victory for Clinton, huge loss for Bernie. LOL

The margin of victory predicted for Clinton ranged from a 11% to 27% lead!

The polls taken just before the election:

ARG Clinton wins with 60% of the vote to Sanders 36%. A 24 point lead.

CBS News Clinton wins with 55% of the vote to Sanders 44%. A 11 point lead.

NBS/Wall Street Journal Clinton wins with 57% of the vote to Sanders 40%. A 17 point lead.

Monmouth Clinton wins with 55% of the vote to Sanders 42%. A 13 point lead.

Fox 2 Detroit Clinton wins with 61% of the vote to Sanders 34%. A 27 point lead.

These anti-Sanders corporate polls were just a few points off. LOL

With 75% of the vote in Sanders leads with 50.6% against Clintons 47.5%

How can anyone support a big-time habitual and dishonest liar for President? Hillary.

“I voted to save the auto industry,” Clinton said during the debate. “He voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry.”

Left unmentioned was an earlier Sanders vote in favor of the bailout. The vote that Clinton referenced was on legislation to release funds for a Wall Street bailout, some of which were instead used to help auto manufacturers.

“What I did not vote for was a middle-class bailout for the crooks on Wall Street,” Sanders told his audience there.

But Hilary didn't have a hard time voting to bailout her pals and funders on Wall Street

How can a website picture be posted on DU?

I got help on posting a youtube video but still can't figure out how to post a photo.

Elected Delegates Hillary Clinton 801 Bernie Sanders 470 2,382 needed for nomination.

The above total doesn't include un-elected "super delegates" who are free to vote for any candidate at the convention.

State by State Distribution At:


Bernie Is Not Pushing Hillary To The Left Or In A Progressive Direction.

It's just meaningless election campaign rhetoric to pick up votes folks and does not represent a change in Hillary's real political/economic views and opnions.

Why does Hillary Clinton accept tens of million of dollars from the enemies of working people?

Well, how can that be honestly defended and supported?

Bernie doesn't solicit and accept money from the truly greedy on Wall Street and big business corporate board rooms.

Which side are Hillary and Bernie on?

Follow the money.

Wall Street Insider: "Hillary would be better for Wall Street ... unlikely to rein in Wall Street"

U.S. News & World Report
by Lou Carlozo
March 3, 2016

"In my view, Wall Street would be very uncomfortable with a Trump victory," says Paul Bennett, a clinical professor of finance and business economics at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business and former chief economist at the New York Stock Exchange.

Bennett sees two downsides to a Trump win. "First, Trump is very unpredictable and would cause problems for the U.S. throughout the world. Second, investors and traders in general would not view Trump as a Wall Street insider, or even a broadly sophisticated businessman, since his most visible business is so idiosyncratic and self-promotional."

Yet it wouldn't even take a Trump victory to make markets nervous: just a whiff would be enough. "Markets will be weakened as the probability of Trump victory rises," Bennett says, noting that Clinton might actually be the preferable candidate on that score. "Hillary would be better for Wall Street because she is not an ideologue and is unlikely to take big steps to rein in Wall Street."


Bernie Will Get At Least 90% of the Black vote ....

in the general election as the Democratic party candidate for President.

Why would anyone think he would have a problem in getting massive support among Black people and Latinos to defeat Trump or any other racist Republican candidate?
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