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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Merica!
Member since: Wed Sep 16, 2015, 02:36 PM
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Journal Archives

Hillary Clinton voted against the "Help America Vote" Election Reform Act of 2002! It passed 92-2

The Help America Vote Act overhauls our nation's election system by creating minimum national standards for voting machines, provisional ballots and statewide voter registration lists. The conference report passed Oct. 16, 2002, 92-2

The only two Senators to vote against the Act were Senators Clinton and Schumer of New York!

5 right-wing Republicans along with a Democratic Senator did not vote.

92 Democratic and Republican Senators voted for it.


A VIDEO Michael Moore Goes to Norway & Visits a Prison of the Future

This didn't make it into the film Sicko, but it's well worth seeing.

Michael Moore also visits a much more civilized conceptualization of what we think of as a 'prison'. Given what we know about human behavior and criminology, prisons in the US and many other countries are a scientific and humanitarian embarrassment.

Ben Carson roughed up at Trump rally !!!!

Picture Shows Bernie Sanders Being Sent To A Gas Chamber By A Smiling Donald Trump!!! Outrageous.

Donald Trump Retweets Creator of Picture Showing Bernie Sanders Sent to Gas Chamber By A Smiling Trump

By Lior Zaltzman

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been littered with odd moments, but this one takes the cake.

This Friday, Trump’s official Twitter feed retweeted this Tweet that takes a jab at GOP rival Jeb Bush. It shows a photoshopped image of Bush in front of the Trump Towers, holding up a “Vote for Trump” sign.

Seems innocuous enough. Until you see the account it’s retweeted from: @WhiteGenocideTM.

The account promotes a pro-Adolf Hitler documentary “The Greatest Story Never Told.”

Maybe those rumors about Trump keeping Hitler speeches on his bedside table are true after all.

But that’s not even the worst of it. A @WhiteGenocideTM photoshop creation shows Trump in a Nazi uniform flipping on the gas switch on a gas chamber housing… Jewish candidate Bernie Sanders.

Read more: http://forward.com/opinion/331449/that-time-donald-trump-retweeted-nazis/#ixzz42kinHDKJ

VIDEO! Jesse Jackson & Bernie Sanders addressed the Chicago Rainbow Push mass meeting this morning!

Introduction to Jackson and Sanders begins at about 49.00 minutes into the video.

Go to the Saturday Morning Forum, March 12, 2016 and click on the video.


A VIDEO: America | Bernie Sanders

A VIDEO: Why African Americans are on FIRE for Bernie Sanders

We are the people. We are the media. And we’re ON FIRE for Bernie !!
SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU FEEL DA BERN !! (facebook, twitter, blogs,…).

THE CHANTS ARE GROWING LOUDER. The more of us that start voicing our opinions earlier, the more other people start getting informed or wanting to be informed. And that's really what this is all about. It's about awareness. We need to see the light before it’s too late.

WE SUPPORT BERNIE SANDERS. Because he is genuine, he is honest and he has integrity and he is the only presidential candidate who has decades long consistency in taking a principled stand to confront, proclaim, and fight to address the issues that are most important to most Americans.

THE SANDSTORM IS COMIN’!! 80% of young people did not vote. His biggest supporter is young people. Vets love him, he is fighting for the elder, middle class. And it's time for whites and blacks to do something that the government hates and that's for us to finally come together for good. With Bernie we can do that!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is an outrage that we are still seeing intolerable acts of violence being perpetrated by police and racist acts of terrorism by white supremacists. African-American and Latinos comprise well over half of all prisoners, even though they make up approximately one quarter of the total US population.

SO PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO TO GET THIS POLITICAL REVOLUTION ROLLIN’. We need a societal transformation to make it clear that black lives matter and racism will not be accepted in a civilized country. Let’s stand together against Wall Street and the corporate media for a United States for all of us !!

★ Join the political revolution at www.berniesanders.com

A VIDEO 🔥 Bernie Sanders 🔥 - The President We've Been Waiting For

Clinton's Super Delegates Will Abandon Her At The Convention And Vote For Bernie

March 9, 2016
Bernie and the Super Delegates

by Nathan Riley

Superdelegates are Democratic elected officials and other party insiders allowed to support whichever candidate they like. They are there to prevent a kook from leading the ticket. Their interests diverge from Secretary Clinton; they are less concerned about the top of the ticket. They ask will the Presidential candidate help Governors, Members of Congress and the state legislatures win in November. They are as interested in the fate of the Democratic Party as they are in the Presidential candidate. Like Bernie, they need a big turnout of voters.

Clinton’s lopsided lead in delegates comes from pledges made by these party insiders. They are not written in stone. A Democratic victory requires massive turnouts of the young. Bernie has this vote. The issues of income inequality and fighting the Wall Street oligarchy favor Sanders, not Clinton. The superdelegates will assess Hillary’s appeal.

Like Obama, Bernie is winning the battle for enthusiasm. He draws the crowds and he is likeable. Hillary is thoughtful serious and loved by many, but she can’t shake her history. The Clintons prospered by milking the rich, and the charge she is bought and paid for burdens her candidacy.

His day has come – the voters have turned against the parties. Republican and Democratic voters echo this call they want far-reaching change. Hillary’s experience and training is moderate change. Her supporters value these traits, but in 2016 these qualities are losers, and the superdelegates will come to recognize it.

Sanders populist appeal is hard for rich white educated people to duplicate. In Florida, on Tuesday, he held a rally. He shouted Wall Street, the crowd jeered. The event drew the young and had the energy of a rock concert or a football rally. It was lowbrow, and the audience felt at home with Bernie. Bernie is convincing as a man of the people. The superdelegates know he is honest; he has spent decades slamming the injustice of inequality. This is not a campaign message; it is Bernie’s core belief.

Anyone who has been to a left-wing event would recognize this Florida crowd of black, white, brown young with many old. This is the post-2010 Democratic Party. In that off-year election, the Republican picked up a spectacular 63 seats to become the majority that bedeviled Obama. The losers were conservative Democrats who were shy about reproductive justice, opposed taxes and government spending. In defeat, the Democratic Party moved left. Bernie Sanders is ratifying that change. This Democratic Party is proud of its diversity and eager for equality.

The superdelegates know about these changes, by the time the Democratic Convention roles around they can chose Bernie to maximize turnout.

Full article at: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/03/09/bernie-and-the-super-delegates/

"if Democrats run an establishment candidate [Clinton] they are going to lose" against Donald Trump

Posted on Mar 10, 2016

At the Democratic debate in Miami on Wednesday, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each claimed he or she would be the best candidate to run against Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the general election.

To determine who’s right, “Democracy Now!” hosted a debate between Nathan Robinson, editor of Current Affairs magazine, and professor Alan Draper of St. Lawrence University.

“Hillary Clinton is not well positioned to capture the particular national mood at the moment, which is an anti-establishment mood,” said Robinson. “And if the Democrats run an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment election cycle, they are going to lose.”

Draper cited the fact that Clinton has been under the scrutiny of the press for far longer than Sanders and is thus unlikely to have any skeletons in her closet that we can’t already guess at.

A transcript of the exchange follows.

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