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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
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This was chilling for me to watch and absorb ...

Ari Melber asks David Frum to weigh in on Georgia's return to work. Video should be at the spot where Frum starts his response:


Frum's response at 34:44 is what caught my attention.

Frum makes reference to this article

Coronavirus Advice From Abroad: 7 Lessons America’s Governors Should Not Ignore as They Reopen Their Economies

Frum also discusses it here:

I think there's a good chance Frum is correct.

Trump will panic that he cannot get reelected unless the economy is back. He knows that will take time. They floated a trial balloon earlier and got the feedback on the objections they'll have to overcome. Since they're not doing any of the seven things they would need to do to bring the economy back, Trump will see it as he has no choice. There will be a political calculation to let many die to bring the economy back.

How else can it be? Trump isn't doing any of the things he would need to to bring the economy back like many advised Propublica. Not bringing back the economy is not an option for Trump politically. So the worst may well be yet to come.

"Take the punch. Mostly minorities and the poor ..."

"Mortality rate for opening up ...."

What a horror.

Talk me down.

I cannot believe what I just typed but I'm struggling to refute it.

And this buffoon is the one going to make this decision?

You might enjoy this .. "The Liar Tweets Tonight"


I didn't see it posted ... hope I didn't miss it.
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