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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
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NYT: Mitch McConnell "said to believe Pres. Trump committed impeachable offenses"


I guess we'll see where that goes ... don't want to get our hopes up ...

This is something you'd never see from Trump


You can't fake that.

Joe's been doing it for decades.

Looks like Trump is still getting an IV

See the bandage on his hand taken at his recent rally:


Here's a link to a Trump pic showing his hands when he arrived home from the hospital with no bandages on his hands


So the bandage - typically for an IV based upon the care given to my parents - is more recent - came after Walter Reed visit.

My observant sister sent me these.

This was chilling for me to watch and absorb ...

Ari Melber asks David Frum to weigh in on Georgia's return to work. Video should be at the spot where Frum starts his response:


Frum's response at 34:44 is what caught my attention.

Frum makes reference to this article

Coronavirus Advice From Abroad: 7 Lessons America’s Governors Should Not Ignore as They Reopen Their Economies

Frum also discusses it here:

I think there's a good chance Frum is correct.

Trump will panic that he cannot get reelected unless the economy is back. He knows that will take time. They floated a trial balloon earlier and got the feedback on the objections they'll have to overcome. Since they're not doing any of the seven things they would need to do to bring the economy back, Trump will see it as he has no choice. There will be a political calculation to let many die to bring the economy back.

How else can it be? Trump isn't doing any of the things he would need to to bring the economy back like many advised Propublica. Not bringing back the economy is not an option for Trump politically. So the worst may well be yet to come.

"Take the punch. Mostly minorities and the poor ..."

"Mortality rate for opening up ...."

What a horror.

Talk me down.

I cannot believe what I just typed but I'm struggling to refute it.

And this buffoon is the one going to make this decision?

You might enjoy this .. "The Liar Tweets Tonight"


I didn't see it posted ... hope I didn't miss it.

Interview with Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea

I've been reading a lot of media and checking into the medical side of this.

I thought this was as good an interview on the virus as any I'd seen for the general public.

He covers a lot of the questions.

I searched to see if it had been posted and didn't see that it had.

He provides various scenarios on where this might go.

But he spends some time talking about how one catches this virus. He feels it can get into the air beyond sneezing or coughing and that we should be wearing masks and glasses to avoid getting infected through our eyes.

Those statements check out with anecdotes about how others have spread the infection that I've seen and other medical studies on how viruses get into the air.

Some may have heard too much on this virus and that I completely understand.
For many, this will be time well spent where you might learn something that helps you avoid getting sick or it might be something you send to someone sitting on the fence about taking it seriously.

Stay safe.

Judge Napolitano: Enough Evidence 'to Justify About Three or Four Articles of Impeachment

Another Conservative media member conceding on the articles of impeachment

Napolitano has been going this way for some time.

He still doesn't think Trump will be removed.

If you were Robert Mueller ...

you'd have a highly respected, pristine reputation. A heck of a career:
Purple Heart
Deputy AG
Director of the FBI starting a week before 9/11 ... through many of the Obama years

Tough but fair, decent and honest. A patriot and a hero.

At age 72, your country comes calling again to look into this mess with Trump and the Russians.

The biggest a-hole traitor who has ever sat in the Oval Office has been dragging your name through the mud for a couple of years, smearing you as you tried to do your duty.

With lips sealed, you quietly and diligently go about your job, professionally examining the issues you've been asked to look into with the weight of the country on your shoulders.

President A-hole traitor hires someone for AG who may well have shut you down before you were finished. (looks that way to me).

Adhering to duty, as best as you are able, you go about writing a report of your findings, detailed, thorough, etc. And you submit it and the evidence as you have been asked fulfilling your duties under the law.

And this guy President A-hole traitor hired, usurps your report with a four page summary that doesn't represent what you've said very well nor was he required to do so nor was it a habit under the law or practice for Special Counsels. It's what you are not: political. Because supposed department of justice policy is to not indict a sitting president, you structure your report, as you should, to present the evidence on obstruction of justice so that congress can do their job and assess it. Instead, the jackass AG President A-hole traitor hired chops you and congress off and declares that he finds no obstruction of justice .. before anyone has read 100 words of the work you dedicated two years of your life and reputation on. And the whole country is given a false impression of this most important work you've quietly done without reading a single page of your work.

Wouldn't you be more than a little pissed off?

As Adam Schiff said, that is "not ok"

Like Rachel said, I think there was some back-peddling going on in that Barr letter today.
I think he knew you were going to blow your stack and his jig was up.

Comey: Mueller findings show Trump lied about FBI, his attempt to destroy the agency failed

"I don't think that we've seen in the history of our country, the president try to burn down an institution of justice because he saw it as a threat," Comey said. "And the lies he told, forget about me, the lies he told about the agents of the FBI, 'storm troopers,' the lies he told about Bob Mueller, were terrible."

"But in the long run, the institutions will be fine, because the American people know them and also know this president, know what he's like," Comey added. "I think the people of the United States are going to see what I know about the FBI: These are people who are not in anyone's tribe, they're trying to find the facts."

There is also a very good clip in there of Comey defending the FBI for investigating Trump & Russia.

And that on it's face, he suspects Trump of obstruction of justice in his firing and he goes on to explain several events around that that lead him to that suspicion that he felt the FBI should look into.

I know he's not everyone's favorite after what he did to Hillary. But he gives Trump a fair spanking.

We are not getting the Mueller Report in a few weeks ...

New York Times: Mueller’s Investigation Erases a Line Drawn After Watergate
Beyond those bottom-line conclusions, Mr. Mueller’s full report has yet to be released, and it remained unclear if it ever would be. House Democrats have demanded that it be sent to them by next Tuesday, but the Justice Department outlined a longer schedule, saying that it will have its own summary ready to send to lawmakers within weeks, though not months.

"the Justice Department ... saying that it will have it's own summary ready to send to lawmakers within weeks"

NY Post:
Attorney General William Barr said his version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report will be released to Congress in “weeks not months,” according to a report Tuesday.

"His version" refers to Barr not Mueller

CBS News:
On Tuesday, the Justice Department confirmed that it will take weeks for Attorney General William Barr to release more information from the report.

"more information" is not Mueller's report.

Attorney General William Barr is planning to release his report on Robert Mueller’s probe into President Donald Trump in a matter of weeks, not months, according to a Justice Department official.

"his report" refers to Barr not Mueller.

Barr is going to expand on his four page letter and probably write his own summary of Mueller's report. It's not a redacted copy of Mueller's report. It's effectively Barr's summarized impression of it. Zero assurance of any evidence.

Barr continues to try to deceive, mislead, avoid and drag this out.

The only way we'll see Mueller's report is to win the White House in 2020 or through court.
They're not going to provide Mueller's report willingly.
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