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Anytime a Republican tries out the old 'makers vs takers' argument in the next 4 years..

Show them this image from Brookings institute.

Our observation: The less-than-500 counties that Hillary Clinton carried nationwide encompassed a massive 64 percent of America’s economic activity as measured by total output in 2015. By contrast, the more-than-2,600 counties that Donald Trump won generated just 36 percent of the country’s output—just a little more than one-third of the nation’s economic activity.


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Editorial cartoon in the RG encapsulates Oregon's role in the primaries.

"Pot Tweets at Kettle" - Gawker


D Wasserman Schultz – Verified account ‏@DWStweets

Hmmm, wondering why @GOP trying to hide their #GOPdebate on the Saturday of #SuperBowl weekend no less?!

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