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It is not over in AZ

Despite the media calling it for HC early, there are many people still in line to vote. I went back to my polling location tonight and filmed over 600 people still in line one hour after the polls closed. I called the campaign. They are very concerned as they should be.

To the vote, the majority of the votes that have been reported are early ballots. Only 12% of polling precincts have reported. This year we had new verification machines that identified you by precinct and party affiliation which slowed down the process at the polls. That and much fewer polling locations is serving to disenfranchise all voters, R's and D's.

It will be a very long night, but please do not give up hope, there are enough votes and voters still in line that this could change. I hope so.

Report from Avondale Tolleson Arizona

Historically long lines. As of 10 AM over 400 votes cast (typically this runs about 120 or so). Mix of crowd, heavy under 30. Only Bernie Signs. Polling Marshall reported people waiting before polls opened to vote which is unusual. Huge Latino crowd, many who had not voted in some time.

Based on demographics of the crowd it did not look like a huge turnout for R's, but this is a heavy D area.

Knowing the way these polls go over the years, there are going to be very long lines tonight after 5 PM and I seriously doubt the polls will close on time. In large turnout years, they mark the last person in line and in some years it hasn't been until 8:30/9:00 PM before the last vote is cast. This is going to be one of those years.

We use paper ballots where you connect a line with a marker to indicate your vote. The ballot is then scanned into a machine and tallied electronically. It has been this way for over a decade and there is no real room for voter fraud with this type of scanned ballot. Plenty of effort to suppress the vote already via voter ID laws that were passed years ago, but every single voter in line came armed and prepared with ID. It does not have to be a driver's licence, it can be an electric bill, military id, library card, anything that has a home address and name on it.

Since AZ has closed primaries, you are looked up electronically and your registration is verified. If there IS a problem which I have witnessed in the past, you can vote provisional. I did not see anything like that today.

Both campaigns had people there monitoring vote tallies and making sure that all is well. It was while I was there.

If I had to guess based on just profiling:

Over 50: 30%
Under 35: 60%

Latino: 65%
Black: 10%
White: 15%
Other: 10%

Although this is tough to tell:

Republicans: 20%
Democrats: 80%

GOTV Today, I am Going out to Vote!

Today, I get to choose. Any guesses who? Well here's a hint (besides my screen name and the fact I am posting on this site). It isn't going to be who Debbie wants me to vote for. It isn't going to be who Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Banks, or Corporate America wants me to vote for either. It isn't going to be for anybody anointed by the press. It won't be because some super delegate has endorsed a candidate either. It won't even be because this person has always had a D next to their name. And it sure as hell won't be because I am afraid of a terrorist, immigrant, person of color or anybodies sexual preference. It will not be because of any noise on Twitter or any other unmentionable place.

Today, I choose Bernie. Today is going to be one of the best votes I have cast in 40 years. Today I vote for a man who represents me and my family and you and your families. My vote today is going to move Arizona from red or Purple to fucking Blue, but only if the remaining State Primary voters turn out and refuse to listen to all of the crap I mentioned above. I will have my camera with me. I will watch for any funny business. Hell if Bill shows up, I will be the first one to tell him to get the heck out of my polling place. If any candidate or proponent of any candidate crosses that line, I will do the same thing. I will have my ID, yes we are one of those States.

In addition, I will have an opportunity to send a message to a Super delegate running for Senate and while she will surely be the nominee, I will vote for a guy I know personally who is running because I know that his politics run closer to Bernie than hers. This vote is probably symbolic, but I will be honored to cast a vote for Leonard too.

Arizona, Utah and Idaho today, we stand together and vote. Let's vote for our families, not the banks.



Is disappearing quickly. Those who I love to read here are being ppr'd or silenced. I am at DU frequently, but seldom post, typically only during elections. There are now nearly 1000 members over at JPR and many of them are donors and writers who had formerly written and posted here. Now they are there.

I am not sure how you can purge a site of content that people love to follow, opening the door to a new place where many will simply go to read what they enjoy and remain viable as a business. Once this election cycle is over, where will that leave this place? My guess not in great shape and since the people I enjoy reading are mostly gone, I honestly don't give a fuck. I know where to find them.

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