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In accordance with the policies of this site...

I will be supporting a Democrat for President in November. The only one running. If I have to you know what that means.

Now, please understand something. I have been a reliable voter for Democrats since I cast my very first votes in the Presidential election for Jimmy Carter. I have also been with on my State's Democratic committee, fund raised, phone banked, etc for Dems. I also ran for public office myself once and received the votes of nearly 17,000 people. I was also a treasurer for my LD.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have been a loyal hard working Democrat since I could vote. In all of my time as a Democratic voter, never have I been attacked by another candidate. I look at one of our candidates donors and they mirror Jeb Bush. I learned long ago, that you follow the money. On policy, I cannot accept that a real Democrat would feel that we have nothing left to gain for our party or that I should settle for something less because being a true progressive is "hard".

I know what it is, it is only hard because the donors say it is hard or that they do not want any of it to happen. So.

Come November I will vote for the only real Democrat running.

Is this important in the grand scheme of things? No. But what my party should understand is that as it stands today, it has left people like me behind. It has allowed people to screw me and my family big time just because lobbyists gave more money than I ever could.

Look, many of us can understand those leaving the Party if Bernie does not get the nod, if they just now registered to our Party to vote for Bernie. But recognize this, when the Party runs this close to losing people like me? Those who have been here for years? The ones who actually show up in between Presidential years to vote? Well guess what....last one out please turn out the lights.

I will not belong to a Party that has decided to adopt formerly "sane" Republicans old policies, but I will stand with a Party that represents the ideals that brought me here way back in 1975. Which one is it going to be?

Either way, my vote goes to Bernie Sanders period.


That is the number of people incarcerated for drug related offenses in the United States.

649. That is how many are in jail for bank, insurance, counterfeit and embezzlement.


46.5% of all people jailed are people of color.

The US spends over $39 Billion on prisons.

Reducing the prison population by 25% is achievable. Except.

We have prisons for profit.


Does something seem wrong about this to anybody? Oh and I was able to look this up in a matter of minutes. I don't think Chelsea bothered.


She will tell you why she supports Bernie Sanders TODAY.


this heart got my attention!

Thank you Nina Turner!


Bernie Sanders Out Raises Clinton in January

Bernie Sanders $20 million

Hillary Clinton $15 million


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