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Twitter Outreach

just like the other night with the #WeAreBernie hashtag that went to number one on Twitter, we need to build up this Hashtag in an effort to get out the vote. #CaucusForBernie

Post or like this video, I did.

Or post why we all support Bernie in this election.
It is a great way to make an effort if you can't make phone calls or do other outreach or in the hours outside of these efforts.

Let's get this trending.

It's GOTV crunch time.


Twitter trending number one, number three worldwide. Fun times!

interesting that climate change as national security issue is getting noticed as well as Black Lives Matter.

If Jesus had an economic theory...

would he have been a socialist or a capitalist?


This is the moment

Right now. Remember where you where. We are on the cusp of something yoooge.

We saw the same thing in 2008, and it happened. An energized group of supporters came out to Caucus and worked their asses off in support of Barack Obama. They showed up. Even better, they stayed. They persuaded on caucus day and held their own. They saw people switch sides as on the fence supporters who up even to that moment of final decision had not done a whole lot of research. It was just name recognition, knowing the creds, even respecting their candidate, but deep down all they wanted was to win and keep the crazies out of the White House. They would completely throw their support behind the person they felt would win.

These people never visit DU, KOS, JPR. They might read Huffington Post casually, but typically only catch the local news. They have gotten phone calls from Bernie and HC supporters. Someone may have knocked on their door. The ads, they have seen the ads and they are happy it hasn't really been as ugly as it has in the past. They like both candidates, but they just want to win. They know that America may not survive another Bush.

And now here we are. At this moment, this campaign is not the one in panic mode. This campaign has been surging, just like we knew it would. The race in Iowa and New Hampshire is now about showing up, turning out. The HC campaign has a machine for that, but does she have the support? Don't underestimate that. Even if the enthusiasm battle is being won by Bernie, this is still a tough fight.

We have showed up. We have sat in the chairs and listened. Attended the yooge rallies. Put the bumper stickers and yard signs out. But now, now it is that critical time to get out of our seats and into action. At DU, we all know what that means. Money, Time, Activism. We have that in spades, but now our mission is to Get Out that Damn Vote. It's not just GOTV it's GOTDV!!

If we do this. If they come. It will happen and it will be the first wave in a tsunami that wins the White House.

So again, remember this moment. It's the moment we decide whether we win or we lose. Both are possible.

Massive Backlash to the Planned Parenthood Endorsement of HC


Clinton supporters were thrilled; however, they appear to be in the minority if you look at comments on social media. After visiting the Planned Parenthood Action page and reading the comments about the endorsement, I found the people who were weighing in on the endorsement were expressing their disappointment, and the overwhelming majority of these folks were Bernie Sanders supporters.

Several commenters said they’re pulling donations from Planned Parenthood and giving them to Bernie Sanders because universal healthcare (which he is promoting) would remove the need for PP’s services
One commenter on Rock The Slut Vote’s Facebook page wrote:

“Bank phones clogged all night with people cancelling donations. I’m not kidding. This was an absurd mistake on their part. Took me 47 minutes to get my bank to cancel my monthly donation and the tired rep said “yes..pp? You and half the world..”

Many are posting a Breitbart.com article pointing out that the daughter of PP’s president, Lily Adams is Hillary Clinton’s Iowa communications director. (Breitbart is a conservative site but the information about Lily Adams is true.)
more at the link....

I do not celebrate this...I find it sad that they endorsed for the first time in 100 years and are hurting themselves.

DWS getting hammered on Twitter


"Here's what I see: A complacency among the generation of young women whose entire lives have been lived after Roe v. Wade was decided."

Well....#DearDebbie and see how Twitter responds!

Anybody else think she should go NOW!

Interview by ANA MARIE COX JAN. 6, 2016
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