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The Bernie Objection Memes I have Heard

I am sharing these as I know they have been pretty common. I won't waste my time with Republican thoughts on Bernie, because, well who cares.

But Dems...

1) He isn't electable in the General. This was early, this one has changed...a lot.

2) He is a socialist. Yep all heard that one, just have to dive into the issues and mention Democratic Socialist and who cares anyway, haven't you heard republicans refer to Obama as a Socialist anyways? Get used to that, R's just trying to move us away from being what we are progressives.

3) I am concerned that he would be really bad for business. (I have a number of friends who are dedicated Democrats, but in the Corporate world and Hillary is probably up their alley, but I do not believe Bernie will be bad for business, in fact the opposite. Big business needs the middle class, I call them customers....)

4) He only gets supported by this (insert here) segment of the population. It's early, and even though I am not a stereotypical Democrat (if I were profiled odds would be on me being a conservative R...god forbid!) Honestly, I am very concerned about how people get treated in this country, including the poor, women, immigrants, minorities, LGBTP, the elderly, students...ya know most of America...and I see Bernie's issues standing up well for 99% of us.

Anything else you guys are running up against and how have you swayed people to Bernie based on their specific concerns? My biggest challenge is with #3.

Oh and I do believe I have swayed at least 12 people to vote for Bernie in my circle of influence. People know I love talking politics and am pretty well informed. A LOT of them like to argue with me, I just tell them, "Yeah, I like that Trump guy too, you should vote for him" laughing under my breath...

True Confessions and Open Secrets

Ok, so here goes....I am about to confess something rather huge. Until this year, I have never contributed money to a Presidential Campaign other than checking a box on my tax forms. Oh, I have given to other candidates, the State Party, my LD and sometimes local candidates, but rarely.

This time, it's different and I have actually given to a Presidential Campaign...I have given to Bernie Sanders. Here's why. I have been very lucky, very lucky to barely survive staying in the middle class, unlike many of my neighbors who lost almost everything but their families and some even lost those.

I am trying to give as much as I can, because I know that if politics as usual stays the same, I am done for, my family is done for and my status in the middle class is over. Why? Well, I am paying a LOT for College even though I am told I am getting a great value. And this is just the first year, I am staring down the barrel of 8 to 10 years of tuition paid directly or via loans. Yep, ouch.

I am also living in a home whose value collapsed, my wife's retirement all but disappeared and we are just hoping that one day before the huge balloon payment comes on a refi hits us, we have positive value and can downsize, maybe even retire with something more than social security. Most of my friends don't even have that luxury.

But that's my personal story, I know so many more that have had it much worse, but you know what? Bernie Sanders is right...it is going to take a massive revolution in this country to change politics as usual and if Bernie does get elected President, you know what...the lobbyists in Washington will collectively crap their pants, because if one man can get elected to the highest office in this country, well I will just bet a whole new wave of officials will drop the yoke of PAC money and take a run too.

So why post this now?

5 Days

5 days left in this cycle of donations and then political campaigns everywhere will close their books for the period and file. The information will become public on October 15th for contributions made on or before Sept 30th.

So, let's get there. $1, $2, $3 or the individual maximum of $2750...(Bernie doesn't get many of those, but this time he just might from me, I just have to pace myself, but I am a good way there). Before the 1st...I am going to give again. I promise.

It's interesting by the way to look at Open Secrets and search contributions in your zip code. I was surprised to learn that the majority of donations here are going to democratic causes even though I live in a very red community. I also noticed another Bernie supporter here making similar contributions to me.

Anyway....if you can, give before the end of the month, please!


the last petition FAILED!


Only 354 so far, this needs almost 100,000 to be addressed. Please Facebook this as well!

The New Cover of Time...

looks pretty good.

Hey I know this is WAY too early, and

there is a lot of work ahead, however...

How about a Sanders/Cummings ticket?

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