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registered to vote in 1975

registered D, only one in my family to do so, so have been debating Republicans my entire life. Became a 4/4 staright D voter, Jimmy Carter's work after he left office to me just showed the character of that man, he has been showing it ever since. When he passes, I will weep. Reagan really solidified me in opposition to all Republicans. In the 90s, I relocated from CA and a liberal area which was just awesome to come to AZ and just thin wtf all of the time. In 2002, I actually ran for statewide office, winning a primary race, but losing in the general, numbers were a bit stacked.

I supported BC and noticed this pattern of Democratic candidates appeasing the progressives and as soon as they won the primary, moved straight to the center "because they had to win that general"....the problem was from that, we got shit like NAFTA, DADT, DOMA and more. I was very proud to be the first straight candidate to be fully endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign here in AZ.

I later worked for Kerry and then Obama as much as I could. For the last 13 years, I have been consumed by my work and travel all over the US. I give Obama complete credit for many of the things he has done since W left this country on the brink. His admin has worked real miracles in the face of stiff competition from the House. That being said, the ONE thing that upsets me more than anything is the banks and wall street's influence and I know that O will not go far enough and I believe he may have made some deal with the devil to get elected for his second term. Overall, I am very proud of what most of his legacy will be, but remember this, he defeated a third way candidate the first time. The second time, I believe he may have embraced them and that is discouraging to think.

Now in this election, I am supporting a truly ONCE IN A LIFETIME candidate. I do not believe I will ever have a chance again to vote for someone like Sanders, so I am going all out. Bernie Sanders is not a socialist, he exemplifies the very soul of the old Democratic Party, the Party I used to be proud of, but I just am not anymore. I am beginning to loath politics, but know that my vote absolutely fucking matters as well as my money.

Should Sanders not be the nominee, I will not vote the top of the ticket. I will not vote for the same old shit. I will hope that my lonely refusal to cast a vote for a Third way candidate just might send a wake up message to the Party to knock it the fuck off. And you know what, If it's HRC and somebody tells me that if I do not vote for her we will get someone like Rubio or Carson or Trump, I will look them in the eye and tell them I do not fucking care one bit because in order for me to actually retire I have to move to god damn Costa Rica.



One more reason

Expect a long campaign

Everybody here knows what we are up against. We see endorsements that don't make a lot of sense until you think about all of the political capital the Clinton's have built up over many years. You have the MSM focusing on the Republican clown show and semi buying into the shouting nonsense.

Sure HRCs numbers may have gone up with Biden announcing he would not run, but we just have to know that many are just picking the person top of mind in the polls. Most people do not know about Sander's record, how true he has always been and yes to make the tough votes that represent his principals and not go with what seems politically popular at the time.

As more and more get to know Bernie, the casual HRC supporters will slip away from HRC. They will.

If we were all playing poker, this is just the time to keep grinding.

Keep the faith

Are you a Democratic Socialist?


One of the earlier objections and most frequent

has been that Bernie could not win in the general election, so I need to back HRC. Well....

That is simply not true, and I am putting this here to use as a reference any time you hear that from someone.


If HRC is the nominee, there will be a Republican President.
When Bernie is the nominee, there will be a Democratic Socialist President...oh and bonus DWS will be out.

Look for a very large number of candidates to begin

dropping out of the race for President. (I include R's in this metric).

I think you will begin to see some big names, including Bush. Personally, I think that was what the Trump campaign was about, to push Bush out of the race. Once that happens, as Trumps poll numbers decline, I am nearly positive you will see him go.

Oh and it will be speaking ill of corn that killed his race. Sad.

Iowa, NH and Cash on Hand are critical. With HRC not capturing a lot of small donors (she has them and will spike surely), the longer Sanders stays in, the more difficult it is going to get for her, she was counting on no significant competition. Look for her at some point AFTER the IA and NH primaries to economize which could get the attention of the press.

Nobody here should be worried too much about the HRC posters going a bit nuts on the board. I have read some incredibly bad posts lately, all trying to tamper enthusiasm for Bernie....well, it ain't gonna happen. As Bernie goes after HRC on the issues which is fair game AND he takes NH and possibly IA, he will get a MAJOR boost in the polls. He will have money, and a broad base of activist support.

HRC may win in SC, but if it is close, that will be big news and GREAT News for Bernie, so keep fighting there!

This will be a long haul, something HRC didn't expect. The campaign is doing great.

This election, it's not just change we can believe in, it's real fuckin change. (including at the DNC, that is coming too).

We are fighting for the very soul of the Democratic Party here.

<insert motivating favorite rally/fight song here, yes go ahead play it in your head and let's go!>

Wink wink

Bernie Sanders on CNBC


This interview is truly interesting. Bernie is not afraid to go to places like Liberty U and by going to CNBC and being interviewed, he goes directly to the Wealthy Class and Wall Street.

Good read.

Added: This is an interview from last May, but still illuminating.

This will not make many of you happy.

It is becoming increasingly likely that HRC may have won the debate. I know you won't like this, and I expect many of you will flame my ass. I am tossing this out at all of you like a frickin bomb because it means something.

First, here is an indicator, and instead of attacking polls, we can see that HRC has made gains in NH in a new CNN poll. (You can cry rigged now if you want, but bear with me). We will see more polling coming out over this weekend and into early next week and I think they will show more HRC gains and here is why.

Secondly, the media has been declaring it so. Repeatedly. They have become a spin cycle for the HRC campaign.

Third, the HRC campaign itself has been doing a GREAT job spinning and playing up how well HRC did in the debate, and make no mistake, she did well.

Fourth, candidates like Webb and Chaffee who pointedly stuck out to the right. Webb just because of the military aspect and demeanor, Chaffee for saying the Republican Party left him and now here is is, says "Hi I'm a moderate" This put HRC into a bit more of a 'lean left' juxtaposition at the debate.

Hating this so far?

Okay, so....

Here is the GOOD News. Nobody votes tomorrow. This is a long haul. The campaign is being extremely well run. I mean seriously well run...so good so far...simply amazing.

So again. What has happened POST DEBATE for Bernie?

An enormous influx of cash in just a few days. News reports about the small donor base for Bernie vs. the large contributions to HRC. Also, news about Cash on Hand and the expense rates of Bernie vs HRC...Bernie's campaign costs are much, much lower than hers. Bernie raising more cash than ANY Republican candidate is news.

Continued campaign cash economy by doing shows (that are not costly to the candidate!) like Ellen and Real Time, as well as other interviews that reach mass audiences, even larger than the crowds that have shown up city after city. This by the way, would never have happened without supporters and social media AND Bernie's message that has generated a lot of excitement.

I also believe that the Sanders campaign move to smaller discussion groups, bbq's and house parties is a good idea that will give the campaign really good perspective on how WE are moving his message forward. I think it will also provide the campaign with solid feedback about the message and how it is resonating by community. That just can't take too long because I still believe he needs to generate some more big crowds, just not as often as those events are very costly.

Social Media and an Activist Explosion.

Even more people coming out and endorsing Sanders. Hollywood = money, we are seeing more and more of these wealthy folks become believers and truly great advocates.

A HUGE energized base of support by Party activists that will get out and WORK for the candidate as much as they can. More and more influencers persuading family and friends and tamping down this whole Socialism vs. Democratic Socialism thing.

AND Bernie Sanders himself. 15.7 million people now know what an honorable man he is and not just by his email response, but by his record. People know he is NOT BOUGHT and PAID FOR. And as we move forward even more people will find out just what kind of a once in a lifetime candidate Bernie is for President.

HRC gains, yes, but only modest ones. A 5% swing in NH, not a 30% swing and only perhaps a small drop in Sander's support.

Finally, and this one may seem weird, but Hillary Clinton herself. Bernie Sanders has and will never consider her an enemy and she certainly knows and respects how he is campaigning now and may even take a lead from it and do two things; refrain from attacks against Bernie on anything but policy and recognize the energy he is bringing to the Party and think that she can use Bernie's small donor base down the road (don't take this the wrong way here, her campaign sees us donating to Bernie, she doesn't have us, she covets us. Do not think for one second she doesn't. In the end, if she ever goes negative on Bernie, know it will be a very desperate move because she will lose us, she can't afford that..but eh it won't matter because Sander's is going to win the most delegates in the end)

Sidebar benefit: DWS's curtain is being pulled back (Wizard of Oz reference, look it up you young whippersnappers)

and now for the bottom line....

Even if HRC "won" that debate, Sander's did not LOSE it for all of the reasons I stated above and I am sure more. If there were losers in that debate, it was certainly Webb and Chaffee, who I doubt will remain in much longer. O'Malley has some post debate issues as news reports are showing he took money from the NRA which really contradicts his most spoken about messages during the debate so his performance may turn on him.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few HRC supporters find this post and say, "See? see??? the truth is setting in with at least one of them over there..." BUT make no mistake....sometimes, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game and this is a LONG season! It only matters that you take the series.

Democratic Socialism Explained


This is such a GREAT article and one that I will use to explain to my friends who don't understand. Definitely worth a thorough read by everyone in this group to better explain Sander's position and exactly WHY he identifies as a Democratic Socialist.

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