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Edward Snowden, Purdue, Barton Gellman and National Security vs. Academic Freedom and Over-Reaction



"UPDATE: Just after posting this item I received an email from Julie Rosa, who heads strategic communications for Purdue. She confirmed that Purdue wiped my video after consulting the Defense Security Service, but the university now believes it went too far.

“In an overreaction while attempting to comply with regulations, the video was ordered to be deleted instead of just blocking the piece of information in question. Just FYI: The conference organizers were not even aware that any of this had happened until well after the video was already gone.”
“I’m told we are attempting to recover the video, but I have not heard yet whether that is going to be possible. When I find out, I will let you know and we will, of course, provide a copy to you.”
Let’s rewind. Information Assurance? Site Security?

These are familiar terms elsewhere, but new to me in a university context. I learned that Purdue, like a number of its peers, has a “facility security clearance” to perform classified U.S. government research. The manual of regulations runs to 141 pages. (Its terms forbid uncleared trustees to ask about the work underway on their campus, but that’s a subject for another day.) The pertinent provision here, spelled out at length in a manual called Classified Information Spillage, requires “sanitization, physical removal, or destruction” of classified information discovered on unauthorized media.

If I had the spider sense that we journalists like to claim, I might have seen trouble coming. One of the first questions in the Q & A that followed my talk was:

“In the presentation you just gave, you were showing documents that were TS/SCI [top secret, sensitive compartmented information] and things like that. Since documents started to become published, has the NSA issued a declass order for that?”

I took the opportunity to explain the government’s dilemmas when classified information becomes available to anyone with an internet connection. I replied:

“These documents, by and large, are still classified. And in many cases, if you work for the government and you have clearance, you’re not allowed to go look at them…”

“Now, it’s perfectly rational for them to say, we’re not going to declassify everything that gets leaked because otherwise we’re letting someone else decide what’s classified and what’s not. But it gets them wound up in pretty bad knots.”

By way of example, I mentioned that the NSA, CIA, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence “have steadfastly refused to give me a secure channel to communicate with them” about the Snowden leaks. Bound by rules against mingling classified and unclassified communications networks, they will not accept, for example, encrypted emails from me that discuss Top Secret material. In service of secrecy rules, they resort to elliptical conversation on open telephone lines.

My remarks did not answer the question precisely enough for one post-doctoral research engineer. He stood, politely, to nail the matter down.

“Were the documents you showed tonight unclassified?” he asked.

“No. They’re classified still,” I replied.

“Thank you,” he said, and resumed his seat."

Tucson vs. Phoenix

Bernie Sanders will be in Tucson on October 9th


Please join Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and local leaders for a rally in Tucson to discuss the major issues facing our country.

Doors open at 6pm. Program begins at 7pm.

Please RSVP in order to attend: http://bernie.to/RSVP-Tucson

And don't forget to text JOIN to 82623 for important mobile alerts from our campaign!

Here are some Happy Facts

Phoenix drew 11,000. Phoenix is bigger. Phoenix is generally MORE conservative than Tucson. There is a bit of a rivalry between the Cities and Universities. The Park Amphitheater ONLY holds 7,000 people. Tucson is under a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. People have been known to carpool. Democrats in Phoenix AND Tucson want our State to GO BLUE. Arizona is DEAD last in education, once upon a time we got to say "At least we aren't Mississippi, but no longer..." Gov. Ducey = Gov. Brownback so we're hosed.

So what if? Tucson OUTDRAWS Phoenix for Bernie? It would require a new venue. Would that be newsworthy? Surely it would be here in Arizona! BUT wait there's more! What if Tucson OUTDRAWS BOSTON!? Would that make the National News? I bet it would! Did I say carpooling San Diego? Los Angeles? Riverside? Prescott? Flagstaff? El Paso? (yep, look at that map!)

Oh and wouldn't that be a nice BERN to Phoenix who ONLY drew 11,000????

So how is it going so far? To this moment only 1.2K have signed up via Facebook, BUT these kinds of things are J Curvy! So YES it's doable. Can you beat Phoenix and get Bernie on the local news? Can you beat Boston and get him on the NATIONAL NEWS???

What say you Tucson?

Oh and to help, I am going. I am going to help my Tucson brothers and sisters because I WANT to FORCE the media to NOTICE what is going on under their sad little under-reporting noses. I want the news people to stop telling me what's going to be on TV next, I don't want to buy the soap they are selling, but I do want them to go to their News Editors and SAY, WE HAVE TO REPORT THIS!!!!

Ok, so who is IN???

The Bernie Objection Memes I have Heard

I am sharing these as I know they have been pretty common. I won't waste my time with Republican thoughts on Bernie, because, well who cares.

But Dems...

1) He isn't electable in the General. This was early, this one has changed...a lot.

2) He is a socialist. Yep all heard that one, just have to dive into the issues and mention Democratic Socialist and who cares anyway, haven't you heard republicans refer to Obama as a Socialist anyways? Get used to that, R's just trying to move us away from being what we are progressives.

3) I am concerned that he would be really bad for business. (I have a number of friends who are dedicated Democrats, but in the Corporate world and Hillary is probably up their alley, but I do not believe Bernie will be bad for business, in fact the opposite. Big business needs the middle class, I call them customers....)

4) He only gets supported by this (insert here) segment of the population. It's early, and even though I am not a stereotypical Democrat (if I were profiled odds would be on me being a conservative R...god forbid!) Honestly, I am very concerned about how people get treated in this country, including the poor, women, immigrants, minorities, LGBTP, the elderly, students...ya know most of America...and I see Bernie's issues standing up well for 99% of us.

Anything else you guys are running up against and how have you swayed people to Bernie based on their specific concerns? My biggest challenge is with #3.

Oh and I do believe I have swayed at least 12 people to vote for Bernie in my circle of influence. People know I love talking politics and am pretty well informed. A LOT of them like to argue with me, I just tell them, "Yeah, I like that Trump guy too, you should vote for him" laughing under my breath...

True Confessions and Open Secrets

Ok, so here goes....I am about to confess something rather huge. Until this year, I have never contributed money to a Presidential Campaign other than checking a box on my tax forms. Oh, I have given to other candidates, the State Party, my LD and sometimes local candidates, but rarely.

This time, it's different and I have actually given to a Presidential Campaign...I have given to Bernie Sanders. Here's why. I have been very lucky, very lucky to barely survive staying in the middle class, unlike many of my neighbors who lost almost everything but their families and some even lost those.

I am trying to give as much as I can, because I know that if politics as usual stays the same, I am done for, my family is done for and my status in the middle class is over. Why? Well, I am paying a LOT for College even though I am told I am getting a great value. And this is just the first year, I am staring down the barrel of 8 to 10 years of tuition paid directly or via loans. Yep, ouch.

I am also living in a home whose value collapsed, my wife's retirement all but disappeared and we are just hoping that one day before the huge balloon payment comes on a refi hits us, we have positive value and can downsize, maybe even retire with something more than social security. Most of my friends don't even have that luxury.

But that's my personal story, I know so many more that have had it much worse, but you know what? Bernie Sanders is right...it is going to take a massive revolution in this country to change politics as usual and if Bernie does get elected President, you know what...the lobbyists in Washington will collectively crap their pants, because if one man can get elected to the highest office in this country, well I will just bet a whole new wave of officials will drop the yoke of PAC money and take a run too.

So why post this now?

5 Days

5 days left in this cycle of donations and then political campaigns everywhere will close their books for the period and file. The information will become public on October 15th for contributions made on or before Sept 30th.

So, let's get there. $1, $2, $3 or the individual maximum of $2750...(Bernie doesn't get many of those, but this time he just might from me, I just have to pace myself, but I am a good way there). Before the 1st...I am going to give again. I promise.

It's interesting by the way to look at Open Secrets and search contributions in your zip code. I was surprised to learn that the majority of donations here are going to democratic causes even though I live in a very red community. I also noticed another Bernie supporter here making similar contributions to me.

Anyway....if you can, give before the end of the month, please!


the last petition FAILED!


Only 354 so far, this needs almost 100,000 to be addressed. Please Facebook this as well!

The New Cover of Time...

looks pretty good.

Hey I know this is WAY too early, and

there is a lot of work ahead, however...

How about a Sanders/Cummings ticket?

Webb and other stuff

So I watched Morning Joe this week while getting ready for a meeting out of town and I saw Webb posed a very simple question, "Are you in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15/hour?" He went on to discuss a two step problem with yammity yammity and never answered yes or no. Now I just see an article where he says the voters including Sanders and Trump supporters will calm down after awhile (and assuming we will vote for him). Well, after seeing that non-answer, count me out for Webb. Kind of moot anyway, not like he had a chance, I think he is in the race simply to apply for a WH job.

Okay on to some other stuff:

At my firm, we have major conservatives and a large group of dedicated Democrats. Many of these people view me as an opinion leader and some of the right wingers asked me what I thought of Trump. My answer, "He's fantastic!, I actually kind of like him, he is tapping into the pissed off middle class in a funny way" They are a bit surprised by that statement and I was lying to them completely of course.

Then, one of my Democratic friends told me that he was afraid of Sanders when I told him that was who I was supporting. His fear comes from a sense that Bernie is anti-business. It is that whole 'socialist' thing from people who don't take a very close look. I did what I could and will continue, but I sense that I will run into this a lot with my lefty pro-business co-workers. I must swing these people. I can and I will.

Also, I compare this election to the McKinley election. Back in those days, you had one candidate who was Corporate Plan A, and another who was Corporate Plan B, but in that election you had Teddy Roosevelt scaring the heck out of the likes of J P Morgan, Stanton, etc.. so they cut a deal and made TR the VP rolling the dice, trying to bury him in that role. Then McKinley was assassinated, the Corp crowd went nuts and in the next election went after TR who formed the Bull Moose party and was elected anyway. very similar situation to what we have today economically to those times.

While Bernie is a little different, I think of these elections as Corporately controlled takeovers, with Plan A and Plan B candidates. It's a okay this guy is our Corp dream candidate, this one we could live with....

Now, its a loose cannon 1%er who actually advocates raising taxes via tariffs scaring the bejesus out of the 1% and Bernie Sanders, who you know scares the hell out of them. If both of these guys get nominated, the Corporations have little skin in the game (certainly more with Trump, but they have no clue what he would do)

oh, and yeah I know this post is a bit all over the place, I am seriously jet lagged.

Arizona for Bernie Sanders Office Grand Opening!

Celebrate the Opening of the "We Want Bernie"
Arizona for Bernie Sanders Office

Where : 1229 Grand Ave Phoenix - (the 9 Gallery - between 12 and 13 Ave.)
When : Aug. 22nd - 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Arizona supporters for Bernie Sanders will be holding a Grand Opening of their new Phoenix campaign office on Saturday August 22nd. The Sanders for President effort in Arizona is being spearheaded by the "We Want Bernie" National Campaign organized by Progressive Democrats of America. The Opening will start at 6:30 and go until 9:30 and the public is welcome. All guests will get a "Feeling the Bern" button and a copy of the Senators 12- point plan flyer.

The new office will be run out of a local Phoenix Gallery located at 1229 Grand Ave. The office will be the focal point for supporters to get campaign literature, buttons, signs, bumper stickers and to do phone banking, all in preparation for Arizona's Presidential Preference Election on March 22, 2016. It will also be a staging area for canvassing and local organizing meetings all geared to get the word out about Senator Bernie Sanders

Yolanda Bejarano, an early supporter of Sanders and the activist who introduced Sanders to last month's large crowd explains " The official National Sanders has made real momentum, but as we all know, they have to focus most of their attention and resources on the early primary states, especially Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. That means that the work of grassroots Bernie supporters, PDA activists, Progressives Democratic Party members, Immigration Rights Advocates, Black Lives Matter, Arizona Rank and File Union members and so many others are even more important than ever. It will be up to us grassroots organizers to pave the way in Arizona and those other states where the Bernie Sanders campaign is not now operating."

Come On Out and Join the Political Revolution

Dan O’Neal - Arizona State Coordinator - Progressive Democrats of America
480-650-0746 - dan@pdamerica.org


and damn, I am not going to be able to make this, out of town on business

Why the Sanders wave of support is so Skeery, what it might mean and what more you can do

Many voters do not really understand how Party organizations work, so let me explain and I think you will get some insight into what is really at stake during Presidential year elections. (This is based on my experience and may differ slightly State to State)

Parties exist to get people elected. That is the mission. It's the same for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and all other Parties. Understanding how the Democratic Party works in most places will help explain why you get Primary races.

So first, the organization. National>State>County>Local>Precinct Captains (Legislative Districts or LDs). At the National and State Levels it is about MONEY and getting people elected to National and State offices. Money plays a big role at the County level as well and to a much lesser extent at the LD level, with some LDs having a great deal of money and some virtually nothing.

This may vary by State, but as elections end, LDs get reorganized and depending upon how many elected precinct captains there are, that determines how many folks are sent to the State Committee meetings where policy can be determined. In AZ, unless requirements have changed to be elected a PC, you must be put on the ballot and receive only 10 votes to become elected. In the month following the election, Chairs, Vice Chairs, Treasurers and delegate members to the State Committee are elected. The larger the LD, the greater the influence. The more money and votes raised, the greater the influence.

State Party organizations leaders and party policies may be elected by delegate members to the State Committee. In 2003, the State Party here had official party policy meetings where delegates could influence and/or speak their minds on Democratic policy. Once these policies are adopted, the National Party may adopt a viewpoint/policy generated at the State level into the National Party platform which gets decided at the National Convention.

Party Platforms typically are generated from the ground up, although there is a great deal of control at the National level based upon the strength of leadership. This leads to broader goals and it also serves to explain why you might have large numbers of people running for a national office when going in, even when they may not be favored to win. It is really about policy influence.

Fast forward to national political candidates and groundswells of support based on a differing ideology from the norm. This is very threatening. It means that change is coming, changes in policy and perhaps even broad changes in leadership. And it all starts from the ACTIVE base.

So..as a Sanders supporter what should you do?

1) Obviously, all of the volunteer and contribution activites that you can on behalf of the campaign.
2) Be a voter advocate and persuade. It goes without saying that everybody here is an opinion leader just by sheer definition of being engaged so early in the process.
3) Find out where your Legislative District meets and go to a meeting. Ask what YOU need to do to get on the ballot as a PC. It isn't hard and its kinda cool to see your name on the ballot.
4) Get engaged at the meetings. Support each other as DEMOCRATS. (You can't act like many do on internet forums, its person to person and common goals and civility goes a long way!)
5) Contribute a little when the hat gets passed.
6) Understand what you need to do as a PC (That is about getting out the Democratic vote in your precinct in the general election)
7) Once the election ends, raise your hand to become Chair, Vice Chair or Treasurer (here those positions mean an automatic seat at the State Committee table)
8) Work to grow the LD, the more members the more go to the State Committee, and IF they are Sanders supporters the Sanders philosophy will be communicated at the State Party level too!
9) Once you are elected to the State Committee, make sure you GO! Stand up and be heard.
10) Find yourself being recruited to run for office in the next cycle because of your work, commitment and generous community nature. (You can always say no thank you)
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