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Member since: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 08:17 PM
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Rhetoric and the BS Revolution

... A revolution is appealing on a visceral level. To those experiencing injustice, anger is a real and completely justified emotion, and change is a matter of survival. But how can he save us from inequalities when he seems incapable of understanding that economic inequality is a symptom for far more complex social inequalities? How can he bring people together to resolve complex problems when he so consistently paints any dissenters as either foolish or malicious? And most critically, how can he create the change that he owes the people who are justifiably angered by their suffering if he refuses to overlook political disagreements to build coalitions for the greater good? [whole article http://www.dailynewsbin.com/opinion/empty-rhetoric-and-the-bernie-sanders-revolution/24442/]

Breach of Trust: Why Bernie's Foot-Dragging on Tax Returns Raises Serious Concerns

There is only one candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has been more opaque when it comes to allowing the American people to see their tax returns than Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders, who has made it his business to police other people's transparency practices, has released full tax returns tax returns for... zero years, though he released the summary for a single year, 2014. Compared to Sanders, John Kasich is more transparent (having released seven years of partial returns). Even Ted Cruz (who released four years of partial returns) has shown more commitment to transparency than Bernie.

Hillary Clinton has walloped the entire field and is the only candidate to have released her full tax returns for every year since 2001.

For a while, Donald Trump held the record for the most ridiculous excuse ever not to release returns: that his returns are "under audit", which a publication no less conservative that Forbes points out is not an actual reason to hold back one's tax returns.

Move over, Donald. Bernie Sanders' wife and tax preparer Jane Sanders went on Bloomberg on Monday and came up with this excuse as to why Sen. and Mrs. Sanders have not yet released any of their full tax returns, which Mrs. Sanders said she filed using Intuit's tax preparation software Turbo Tax. ... http://www.thepeoplesview.net/

Live Video: Hillary Clinton Campaigns with NY Gov. Cuomo in New York City

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