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Member since: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 08:17 PM
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"Senator, you are forming a mob of angry ...."

Article in Huff today:
You have been a lifelong champion of human equality. You have kept economic inequality, an issue I care very deeply about, at the forefront of an election cycle that might otherwise have been dominated by the antics of a reality TV clown.

On foreign policy, the issue that is generally considered your greatest weakness, I believe that you have consistently shown yourself to be responsible, inquisitive and level-headed. And you and Secretary Clinton have run campaigns which, a few stumbles aside, stand in such stark contrast to the GOP field that it is difficult to fathom how anyone could possibly consider any of them over either of you.

Senator Sanders, I like you. I admire you. Most of the time, I wish that we had 99 more senators just like you.

And I would, wouldn't I? I'm on the younger end of the likely voter spectrum. I'm male. I'm white. I'm liberal as hell. I'm the kind of voter that you should have a lock on.

But Senator, we have a problem, and it's a big one. When it comes to the specifics surrounding the core issue of your campaign, you have too often come across as either disingenuous or strangely removed from current reality.

The red flags have become too frequent to ignore. ...

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