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It's Time For Vice President Joe Biden To Collect His Gold Watch.

The old movies I've seen on my teevee, the Jack Lemmon and Gregory Peck type movies, illustrate that there was a time in America when, after you put in your years on a job, you got a token of appreciation when you retired. In these movies that token of appreciation was usually a gold watch. Hey, Joe Biden! It's time for you to collect your gold watch!

I don't know what Joe Biden thinks he will bring to this campaign to be the Democratic nominee for president. I don't know what his personal ambitions are, irrespective of his several past failures to obtain the nomination. I do know that the Democratic party doesn't need him to run. I do know that the party is well served with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders duking it out for the nomination. And I do know that Joe Biden will never be president. There are too many Clintonistas and Bernieacs who simply wont let it happen.

In the meantime, Joe, take a peek at what's ahead... Not good for you or the party. Collect your gold watch!


Joe Biden changes story on Osama bin Laden raid

Washington (CNN)Vice President Joe Biden offered an account Tuesday of the decision to launch the raid that killed Osama bin Laden that differed from some of his previous retellings -- and from Hillary Clinton's.

His remarks come as he considers facing off against the former secretary of state in the 2016 presidential race, and they seem to signal that he sees his earlier stance on the raid as a potential liability.

[...]"We walked out of the room and walked upstairs," Biden said. "I told him my opinion: I thought he should go, but to follow his own instincts."

The new account is a significant departure from what he said at a Democratic retreat in January 2012.

"Mr. President, my suggestion is, 'Don't go,'" Biden said, according to an ABC News report from that time.

p.s. Hello DU. My first diary here. Please bear with me as I learn the blockquote and link functions. I hope my voice will add to the conversation. I hope we elect a Democrat for President.

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