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HerbChestnut's Journal
HerbChestnut's Journal
June 28, 2019

538: Who Won the First Democratic Debate? (Spoiler: Harris, Sanders, Warren, Castro)


The four candidates who had the most positive change from pre-debate polling support to post-debate support are:

Harris: +8.7%
Sanders: +2.9%
Warren: +1.8%
Castro: +1%

Everyone else either went down or stayed roughly the same. Of course, it's early, so the effects of the debate may play out differently over time, but this is the immediate effect. It also should be noted that Warren's support jumped considerably after the first debate night, but most of those gains went to Harris after the second night.
June 20, 2019

New Bernie 2020 video, "Trapped", focuses on rural poverty in the South

Not sure if this is an ad to be aired on television or just circulated around the internet, but here it is. It focuses on a family in rural Alabama who bought a mobile home and experienced real estate devaluation due to nearby industrial development (likely targeting the impoverished community because, hey, they're poor, right?). It then goes on to tie that family's experience the broader issue of poverty throughout the country. This is what we're fighting for.


June 15, 2019

Does Joe Biden plan on releasing his tax returns?

He's been in the race for a couple months now so I think this is a reasonable question to ask at this point. Anyone know?

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