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HerbChestnut's Journal
HerbChestnut's Journal
August 27, 2015

New PPP Poll has Bernie beating Republicans in NH

I'm posting this because because when Sanders was brought up in the other thread the comment was dismissed by other posters. So here's the actual numbers. Not trying to start a flame war, just trying to be fair and get information out there. People have been concerned with Sanders's ability to beat Republicans in the general election. This might help quell those fears.


Sanders - 46%, Bush - 38%
Sanders - 48%, Rubio - 35%
Sanders - 50%, Trump - 41%
Sanders - 47%, Walker - 39%

Sanders Favorability - 46% Favorable, 36% Unfavorable, 18% Undecided

Also worth noting that Deez Nuts takes 6% in a 3-way match up with Clinton and Trump.

From the article:

Bernie Sanders does an average of 3.5 points better than Clinton in comparable head to head match ups. Sanders does similarly to Clinton against Bush (he leads him by 8 at 46/38, she leads him by 7), and Walker (they both lead him 47/39). Against Trump and Rubio, Sanders actually fares a good deal better than Clinton. He leads Trump by 9 at 50/41, compared to Clinton's 2 point advantage, and he leads Rubio by 13 at 48/35, compared to Clinton's 8 point advantage.

August 9, 2015

Everybody needs to calm down

BLM has already apologized for what happened today. It's pretty clear there is little organization in the way the group is run, which means that a few kids do not speak for everybody else. The last thing we should be doing, and I mean the *last* thing, is to devolve into conspiracy theorists on why BLM targeted Bernie. That road leads to madness. We all need to step back, calm down, and discuss this event like rational adults.

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