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Member since: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 01:17 AM
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MSNBC: Bernie Sanders is looking indestructible

Video briefly mentions the Warren dust up toward the end.


Bernie criticizes opponents based on the issues. Their response is to assassinate his character.

Seems fair.

Thank you, Corey Booker, for running a positive and dignified campaign.

He was a great candidate and has a bright future in politics. Sorry it didn't work out for him.

In November, Joe Biden called Elizabeth Warren "representative of an elitism".

Can the faux outrage stop now?


Joseph R. Biden Jr. unfurled sharply personal new lines of attack against Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday, questioning her contributions to the Democratic Party and seeking to cast her as an elitist who believes people lack courage or wisdom unless they agree with her.

“Some call it the ‘my way or the highway’ approach to politics,” Mr. Biden, the former vice president, wrote in a Medium post. “But it’s worse than that. It’s condescending to the millions of Democrats who have a different view. It’s representative of an elitism that working and middle-class people do not share: ‘We know best; you know nothing.’ ‘If you were only as smart as I am you would agree with me.’ This is no way to get anything done.”

Mr. Biden repeated similar arguments in a fund-raising email and at a fund-raiser in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, escalating tensions between the two top-polling contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination. He did not mention his rival by name, but the message was unmistakably aimed at Ms. Warren, whose Republican critics have for years sought to paint her as an out-of-touch liberal who worked as a Harvard professor.

Ms. Warren is running as a corruption-battling economic populist, and her campaign has emphasized that she grew up in Oklahoma “on the ragged edge of the middle-class.” Her campaign declined to comment on Mr. Biden’s remarks.

While running for President in 2007, Joe Biden was open to cutting Social Security and Medicare.

From a Meet the Press interview on April 29, 2007 with Tim Russert. Here's a snippet of the transcript. Full transcript can be found by clicking the following link.


MR. RUSSERT: But, senator, we have a deficit. We have Social Security and Medicare looming. The number of people on Social Security and Medicare is now 40 million people. It’s going to be 80 million in 15 years. Would you consider looking at those programs, age of eligibility...

SEN. BIDEN: Absolutely.

MR. RUSSERT: ...cost of living, put it all on the table.

SEN. BIDEN: The answer is absolutely. You have to. You know, it’s—one of the things that my, you know, the political advisers say to me is, “Whoa, don’t touch that third”—look, the American people aren’t stupid. It’s a real simple proposition. We have to do—you and I were talking about Bob Dole earlier. I was one of five people—I was the junior guy in the meeting with Bob Dole and George Mitchell when we put Social Security on the right path for 60 years. I’ll never forget what Bob Dole said. After we reached an agreement about gradually raising the retirement age, etc., he said, “Look, here’s the deal, we all put our foot in the boat one at a time.” And he kicked—he stepped like he was stepping into a boat. “And we all make the following deal. If any one of the challengers running against the incumbent Democrat or Republicans attack us on this point, we’ll all stay together.” That’s the kind of leadership that is needed. Social Security’s not the hard one to solve. Medicare, that is the gorilla in the room, and you’ve got to put all of it on the table.

MR. RUSSERT: Everything.

SEN. BIDEN: Everything. You’ve got to.

With conflict between the U.S. and Iran escalating, Biden's support of the Iraq war is a liability.

Not only did he support giving the Bush administration authority to invade, he was one of the leading Democratic voices in the Senate on that issue. The roots of the current conflict with Iran can be directly traced to the decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Here's a fact check article from September, the last time Biden tried muddying the waters about his Iraq War stance.


Not only is this a liability for the primary, but it will be in the General Election too if he is our nominee.

Emerson New Mexico GE advantages over Trump: Bernie +18, Buttigieg +10, Warren/Biden +9

Posted by HerbChestnut | Mon Jan 6, 2020, 08:18 PM (9 replies)

Emerson New Mexico (for some reason...) Primary Poll: Bernie 28, Joe 27, Yang 10

Everyone else below 10.

Posted by HerbChestnut | Mon Jan 6, 2020, 08:16 PM (1 replies)

New Marist/NPR National Poll: Biden 24, Sanders 22, Warren 17, Buttigieg 13


All others 5% or below. Race is tightening up.

Hillary Clinton's letter to Bernie thanking him for his help in 2016.

Given Hillary Clinton's recent comments about Bernie and the thread on this forum that now has over 300 replies, I think it's only fair to post a 'Thank You' letter Hillary sent to Bernie toward the end of the GE and some videos regarding his work campaigning for her.


Also, here's Hillary speaking at a rally in North Carolina where she spend some time thanking Bernie for his efforts on her behalf. Starts at 1 minute 57 seconds.

And finally, here's a segment from Maddow where she also praises Bernie for his efforts during the GE, highlighting that he did 14 events in 5 days for her, and that was just the beginning.


EDIT: Now people are saying he didn't endorse Hillary soon enough. Two things. First, he endorsed her on July 12th, before the convention.

Second, here's what Hillary had to say about candidates sticking it out until the end of a primary.


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